15 more migrants killed in crash in Mexico return to Guatemala

The bodies of 15 other migrants killed in a December 9 truck crash in southern Mexico have been returned to Guatemala

The remains in brown wood-colored coffins were delivered by a Mexican C-295 military transport aircraft.

The coffins were unloaded at a Guatemalan base and returned to their families. Most were to be buried in their hometowns on Friday.

“Today is a very sad day for Mexico, as we know for Guatemala,” said Laura Elena Carrillo, director of the Mexican agency for international cooperation. “These people went in search of a dream, and today they are returning to their own country to rest.”

The Mexican government has said that so far, 50 of the 56 migrants killed when a smuggler’s semi-truck overturned on a highway have been identified. A total of 25 people have been returned to their countries of origin, with five more expected to be returned soon, he added.

Of the 50 identified dead, 37 were from Guatemala, 11 from the Dominican Republic and one from El Salvador and Ecuador.

The first four bodies of the Guatemalan victims were returned earlier this month, with 18 more due to be returned later.

Authorities say fingerprints were used to identify the bodies as well as the identification of relatives of their relatives through photographs.

More than 100 migrants were injured in the crash, and Guatemalan authorities say 27 of them are still hospitalized.

Guatemalan Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Hernández said some of those injured in the crash had resumed their march north towards the United States despite the crash.

The truck held up to 250 migrants, and survivors said the speed and weight of the human cargo may have played a role in the crash.

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