Aeon to build an international logistics hub

Artist’s impression of the “multifunctional logistics business center” planned for Preah Sihanouk province, near the Sihanouk Autonomous Port (PAS). AEON MALL CAMBODIA

AEON Mall (Cambodia) Co Ltd’s first “multi-functional logistics business center” is slated to pave the way early next month and start operations next year, in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) near the Autonomous Port of Sihanoukville (PAS), according to a port source with knowledge of the matter.

The developer and operator of the shopping center has leased approximately 3 ha of land for 50 years to set up the center, which will allow businesses to store imported goods without paying duty before going through customs.

Aeon Mall Cambodia said in a statement that the center would be open to other businesses, to meet their warehousing and shipping needs.

The administrative director of the PAS Project Management Unit, Sok Kolchenda “Chenda”, told The Post on January 11 that the construction of the center would be supported by the Japanese government and its development aid arm, the Agency. Japanese International Cooperation (Jica).

He said the center would provide shipping services to other locations such as Phnom Penh, and importers would not be required to pay customs duties until their goods had been delivered.

The center will increase the port’s activity, he said, noting that similar facilities exist in other ASEAN countries.

Chenda believed that Aeon’s latest project would provide a suitable model that could inspire at least a few companies to set up similar warehousing facilities by 2023.

Cambodia Chamber of Commerce Vice President Lim Heng hailed the project as a notable milestone for the local wholesale and retail sector, suggesting that ports and dry ports were suitable locations for such large warehouses. import and export.

“Japanese investment firms are also preparing to build warehouses at airports to make it easier for companies that lack storage space to import goods,” he said.

Imports and exports will increase as Cambodia signs more free trade agreements, he said, stressing that the presence of large warehouses would facilitate trade with other signatories.

Chenda said the Japanese government also announced a 1.5 trillion yen ($ 13 million) grant to Cambodia in mid-December, to supply forklifts to PAS.

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