AFON has collaborated with 6G Logistic, providing next day delivery across the United States

Leading US courier service, 6g Logistic, recently affiliated with AFON, known as Affordable Overnight, is accelerating its logistics experience. 6g logistics worked with Delivery and shipping solutions & Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions in more than 10 locations across the states. These locations include California, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Ana, Bakersfield, Roseville, Santa Maria, Orange, Long Beach, and Fresno. 6g Logistic offers a complete and Affordable logistics services & solutions including warehouse management over the past ten years – however – the recent collaboration with AFON is another important step in increasing the ease of overnight and short-term deliveries in the United States. This affiliation will help create a massive impact on e-commerce businesses and other brands looking for better logistics operation and 3PL partners.

Whereas, AFON is a Certified Partner of Oracle – NetSuite. Our ERP system aims to help companies achieve greater efficiency through complete visibility of all logistics data. AFON has a proven track record in streamlining warehousing operations with NetSuite’s built-in best practices across multiple industries including construction, food and beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical, non-profit organizations, utilities professionals, retail, sales and distribution, and travel and hospitality. in evidence. A sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) that optimally manages all resources within distribution operations helps e-commerce and other businesses deliver on time while reducing total operating costs (TCO) . AFON is a leading logistics brand in the United States that helps manage distribution operations with put-away and picking tasks directed by RF devices, as well as advanced capabilities such as wave management, carbonization , cycle count planning, real-time inventory updates, and more.

However, the rise of e-commerce has led companies to outsource their logistics operations and, according to the report, users of third-party logistics said that 40% of their total logistics costs could be attributed to outsourcing in 2021. Over the next six years, the global third-party logistics market is expected to be valued at $1.1 trillion as online sales continue to grow. According to the report, this is an expansion opportunity for the 20,605 third-party logistics companies in the United States, including e-commerce warehouse logistics Santa Ana & California Ecommerce Delivery Solutions.

Supply chain experts said partnering with a 3PL offers a range of benefits for e-commerce brands looking to scale. According to recent surveys, transportation costs are likely to take up most of the company’s budget. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce the expenses of the business so that the business can increase its profitability. By subscribing to a 3PL, the company can take advantage of the company’s distribution network and cheaper freight rates.

3PLs negotiate contracts with freight forwarders to get the best possible price. Since 3PL ships thousands of orders for multiple businesses every day, it has more buying power than your business. Therefore, freight forwarders and couriers are willing to provide deep discounts on services to 3PL and Santa ana e-commerce warehouse logistics, which they pass on to your business.

A credible 3PL partner frequently negotiates contracts with carriers, allowing them to adjust to market conditions and save money. By using the enterprise shipping system offered by 3PL, you control your processes from all locations. It has been proven to help companies reduce the manual effort required to prepare international orders. As a result, it improves maintenance and reduces compliance costs for many small and medium businesses.

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