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Local tornado relief efforts involving agricultural materials are led locally by the Hardin County Cattlemen’s Association, in cooperation with the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association and the state Department of Agriculture.

Currently, agriculture-related items, mainly fencing materials, are being collected and will be distributed by the Hardin County Co-operative Extension Service office at 111 Opportunity Way in Elizabethtown.

There are several ways to donate materials.

First, you can buy items and bring them yourself to the extension office, where they will be distributed to other extension offices in the county that have specific requests for materials. Second, you can purchase items from one of our local farm supply stores and they will stock and deliver your purchase to the extension office when shipments are scheduled. We only accept new materials.

Specific items needed are barbed wire, 6 foot T-poles, 48 ​​inch woven wire, electric fence wire, electric fence posts, electric fence chargers, fence clips, 10ft x 20ft tarps, ground rods, electric fence insulators, fence stretchers, one and two foot bungee cords, rope, large and XL work gloves.

A detailed and complete list is available on our web page:

We also receive or will receive donations from farming communities in Virginia, North Carolina, Nebraska and South Carolina and from ranchers associations.

We accept donations during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. until December 23, and again from December 27 to 30.

After the first of the year we will be accepting donations again, more on that later.

Large deliveries of materials and / or deliveries that need to be dropped off after hours should call the Extension Office at 270-765-4121 and make an appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation in this wonderful effort. Thanks to Southern States Hardin Coop for loaning us a forklift to load and unload supplies when they arrive.


Speaking of the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, its annual meeting and convention is scheduled for January 13-14 in Lexington at the downtown Convention & Civic Center. Thursday’s Beef Efficiency Conference will discuss tailoring production decisions to available resources. And the forage conference will address the issue of rising fertilizer prices.

For more information and to register online, visit


The Hardin County Cooperative Extension Service office will be closed from December 24 to January 2 for the Christmas and New Years holidays. However, we will be accepting tornado relief farm supplies, as discussed during part of this time.

We hope you and yours have a happy Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And please take the time to consider all of those affected by this month’s storms in our state.

Doug Shepherd is a Hardin County Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Officer. He can be reached at 270-765-4121, ext. 102, or [email protected]

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