American Forms Largest Charity Delivery Partnership in China

Shenzhen, china, June 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – EatForCharity (EFC), the first online ordering platform to partner with three of the world’s largest delivery companies China, has created the largest network of delivery services working together to raise money for charity through online ordering of food, drink, groceries, pet food and over-the-counter medications.

Unlike other ordering platforms which use their own drivers, EatForCharity has built a system that integrates directly with other delivery companies and calls out all available drivers, like a bat signal, every time that they are needed to deliver an order. This distinction has allowed EFC to grow rapidly, an important trait as their users are foreigners who do not speak Chinese in China, which are spread across the country.

EFC, which in just over a year has gone from just 7 stores to Shenzhen, china to more than 120 stores in 10 cities: including Shanghai, Canton, Xiamen, Foshan, JieYang, Wuxi, Yiwu, Shantou and Dongguan, is designed so that foreigners who cannot speak Chinese can order in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

“With the recent addition of SF Express to our partner network, EatForCharity now has the largest pool of delivery drivers available, ensuring the fastest possible delivery for consumers,” said American. Gary Isse, founder of EFC in China. “Our goal in bringing together such a huge collection of drivers from China’s top delivery companies is to make sure that no matter your location, time, day of the week or weather, we will always have the resources available to satisfy. our clients.”

  • EatForCharity was started by an American expat in China Gary Isse, and his Chinese wife Kiko, during the COVID-19 outbreak to raise money for local charities while helping expats like him order food.
  • Delivery partners include China’s largest food delivery company Meituan, China’s largest 3rd DaDa party courier service, and now through China’s largest shipping company SF Express.
  • EatForCharity’s commitment to local charities, donating 25% of its income to these causes, has helped its small team of a handful of people find new partners and grow quickly.

Distrust of charities sparks skepticism

  • Given the numerous scandals involving certain charities over the years, consumers are understandably wary of groups claiming to support charitable causes.
  • EFC includes a variety of different charities in the platform, from small local pet rescue operations, people in need of help, to large charities.
  • Merchants on EFC are contractually bound to keep menu prices to the maximum compared to any other online platform, so that consumers do not pay any additional orders on EFC. Donations provided to charities are paid from the income EatForCharity earns from commissions on their orders so consumers can feel good about helping charities at no additional cost to them.

“By giving customers the ability to choose which charities benefit from their orders, our goal is to start changing people’s minds about how businesses work and to ensure that the shift of funds from everyday consumerism to the many worthy causes that need it most to be a running event “says Isse, who added” we are really excited about the feedback and support that has helped us grow so quickly. In fact, we are now considering joining the United States early next year as well. “

For more information, whether from the press, investors or traders wishing to join the platform, contact:
Lucy xing
+86 18681516907
[email protected]

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