B.C. man says he was assaulted by food delivery boy riding an e-bike on the sidewalk

A Vancouver man is speaking out after alleging he was assaulted by an Uber Eats delivery driver riding an e-bike on the sidewalk.

Trevor Kramer said he was walking down Mainland Street in Yaletown on Thursday with his husband when an Uber Eats delivery person left a restaurant, got on his bike and drove past him.

“Actually, I had to get out of his way. By the way, I told the driver of the bike that he should not ride on a sidewalk with his bike. It is a pedestrian zone,” he said.

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“He got off his bike, came straight at my face and pushed me hard, almost pushed me to the ground. Then he got back on his bike, at which point I took his picture, and he left.

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Kramer said he spoke with the restaurant manager to confirm the cyclist was a delivery person. He then reported the incident to Vancouver police.

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Kramer said police were committed to taking the report seriously and placing it in the context of the recent spike in so-called “stranger attacks” in the city.

The Vancouver Police Department confirms that they are investigating.

In a statement Saturday, an Uber spokesperson said the delivery person had been suspended from their network while they investigate the incident.

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“We do not condone violence on the Uber platform, and the actions reported by the delivery person are unacceptable,” the spokesperson said.

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“He no longer has access to the Uber app, and we are ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation.”

The company expects all of its users to obey both the law and the rules of the road, he added.

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Kramer was not physically injured, but he said the incident shook him up and he was grateful the outcome wasn’t worse.

“It was only by chance, because I was pushed quite violently. You hear about people being pushed into altercations banging their heads and having serious consequences or even dying, so this is no joke,” he said.

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He added that he would like to see tougher rules from delivery companies and greater enforcement from police against people riding e-bikes and e-scooters on the sidewalk.

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“I have seen many, many close calls of electric scooters and bicycles almost hitting pedestrians. This has happened to me several times,” he said.

“These vehicles are capable of quite high speeds, and the sidewalks are not intended to be lanes for fast motorized vehicles…these guys are just speeding by like there are no pedestrians. “

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