Bengal Transport Department to Acquire All Truck Terminals Along State Borders

Calcutta, 3 Feb. (IANS): In an effort to increase state revenue, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced that the state transport department will acquire all truck terminals operating along the borders.

The Chief Minister alleged that some people were taking money from truck terminals operating along the borders. She added that the resumption of all bus stations will be completed by February 7.

“I will not allow this to continue,” the chief minister told an administrative meeting. “The district magistrates and the superintendents of police should know that. The money from the terminals goes to some local people. There are political parties and government officials who are involved in the whole process. We have therefore decided to hand over all bus stations operating along the border to the transport department,” she added.

“There will be nothing private. It should be fully owned and controlled by the state government. We want the revenue to go into government coffers and not be distributed to certain individuals,” Banerjee said. She asked Chief Secretary HK Diwedi to explain the whole plan to the DMs and SPs of the concerned districts.

“Recently, I had a meeting with the DMs and SPs of the seven bordering districts. It is a fact that the money from these road terminals does not match the revenue of the government. There are two road terminals in Bongaon in the north 24 Parganas and there There are four in other districts as well.It is true that the local municipalities receive money from these places, but the state government does not receive anything.All the money is distributed locally. It does not help the government,” Diwedi told the chief minister.

The Chief Secretary said Bongaon Municipality had already issued a NoC (Certificate of No Objection) to the state government, but it was not properly drafted. We need to get another NoC from the municipality.

Minister of State for Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Chandrima Bhattacharyay said: “It is written in poor and faulty language. It is not a NoC at all.”

The Chief Minister then asked Bhattacharyay to organize NoCs of the concerned municipalities. “Tell them what to write. If they refuse to give the NoC, you know what to do,” she said. Banerjee asked all relevant departments to complete the whole process within 72 hours and hand over the terminals to the transportation department. “There should be an advertisement on the 8th of this month,” the chief minister told state transport minister Firhad Hakim.

“We need a lot of money and it will come from the border areas. It will increase the revenue of the state government. There are projects like Lakshmir Bhandar and student credit card where we need money. Where will the money come from? We need to carry out these projects. We will have to be proactive,” she said.

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