Biggest Business Challenges for Truck Owner-Operators

In today’s edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, we’ll get different answers to the question in the title from the three owners – and a team of owners – pictured below. Love at first sight comes from the many truckers who showed off their gear at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree Super Truck Beauty Contest two weeks ago:

Clockwise from top right:
**Owner-Operator Christopher Young, a one-truck cattle hauler for several years in trucking with his own authority from Shellsburg, Iowa.
**The owner of a small fleet of Hallahan Transport, Rob Hallahan, which is worried about the prospects for regulatory changes (an increase in insurance is currently being considered). It also faces challenges related to growth.
**Minnesota-based owner and operator Aaron Walters, second generation in the family heavy haulage business. For him, limits to growth are a priority – if the company could simply find more freelancers to contract with to transport their wind power and other customers. …
** Finally, the Ashville, Alabama Team Michael and Jackie Wallace, carrying cargo van rented from Landstar. They face some of the same challenges as the much younger cattle hauler Young, in a way.

What stands out are four distinct but overlapping images of trucking this Midwestern trucking show mecca. Like at so many truck shows going on across the country this season, it has proven to be an easy place to find the camaraderie between owner-operators, sometimes hard to find on the road. This is certainly not lacking in Iowa. …

Hold on tight:

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