C-Stores Access customizable subscription plan options for delivery service

FavTrip and other chains use Vroom Delivery to provide customers with offers and promotions that are fully customizable by retailers.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri FavTrip and other convenience store chains across the country have decided to take advantage of a delivery service that allows for customizable subscription plans.

Vroom Delivery offers these convenience store chains the ability to sign up customers for a subscription service that retailers can customize. This new feature allows channels to structure their subscription plans as they wish and charge customers on a monthly or yearly basis for access to unique promotional offers.

At FavTrip, for $9.99 a month or $89.99 a year, its customers will get free shipping, discounted donuts, early access to new products, and even discounted fuel.

“We love offering our customers new and exciting ways to save during these uncertain economic times,” said Babir Sultan, President of FavTrip. “Having a subscription model will help us improve our services and retain our customers.”

Vroom designed this feature to give retailers full control over the structure of their offers. In addition to offering free or discounted shipping, retailers can configure subscription services to include all sorts of different mixed or combo offers, and they can even offer different offers across different sets of stores. Unlike third-party marketplace subscriptions, subscription fees go directly to retailers, not Vroom.

“I’m excited to see how customers react to the new in-store subscription feature; I think it gives retailers a flexible way to reward frequent travelers in their stores, and I can’t wait to see how people play. with and will tailor subscriptions to the unique needs of their customers,” said Vroom Lead Developer Julian Silerio.

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