CHECK: No, USPS does not send customer links, delivery updates

US Postal Inspector Adel Valdes and Kelvin Collins of the Better Business Bureau say these messages are scams – don’t click the link.

MACON, Ga. – Have you received a text or email regarding a delivery from the United States Postal Service (USPS)? Is this message asking you to click on a link?

We sought to verify if these notifications actually come from the postal service.

Daniella Edmund is one of 10 Georgians in the center who say they have received text messages and emails from the USPS.

“So first of all, I’m like, ‘Oh, I have a package coming’, or ‘I have this happening’, when I go into my phone, and I look… ‘Oh, you had to mail coming up, but you have to click on that link, ”Edmund said, but she has her concerns – she says she’s noticed red flags.

“How did they get my phone number to text me?” Because normally they will only have your mailing address, right? “Said Edmund.

Are these text messages and emails really coming from the postal service?

Kelvin Collins, president and CEO of Better Business Bureau Central Georgia, says these posts are scams – don’t click the link.

“Usually, links download malware to your computer. Sometimes they just ask for personal information that they can use for identity theft, ”Collins said.

Collins says his office has received about 100 reports of USPS scams. He says people have been more susceptible to this scam during the pandemic.

“Because there is more online shopping and more deliveries being made, so if you place an order and you place an order this week, then all of a sudden you get an e- mail or text from the postal service saying that if you’re having trouble delivering a package, you might be thinking, “Oh, well, that’s the package I ordered,” he says.

US Postal Inspector Adel Valdes sent us the following statement:

The US Postal Inspection Service, as the law enforcement agency responsible for the safety of the Postal Service and its customers, constantly informs customers about bogus emails and text messages that claim to be from USPS. does not communicate with customers about deliveries by email or text and certainly does not solicit personal information by SMS or email. We ask our customers to carefully review messages for grammatical errors and verify the sender, ”Valdes said.

“Customers should also contact their local post office or inspection department if they receive any emails or text messages regarding packages or deliveries. To contact postal inspectors, dial 877-876-2455. ”

For more information from USPS regarding scams, visit here.

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