Citroën Ami Cargo electric van confirmed for UK market

Citroën has confirmed that a utility vehicle version of its Ami electric city car will arrive in the UK next year. In the wake of the passenger-carrying Ami, the new model will join Citroën’s burgeoning electric van lineup as an urban delivery vehicle for transporting smaller items in city centers.

Externally, the Ami Cargo will look more or less identical to the passenger transport version, with a funky plastic body and a tiny footprint. But the interior has been redesigned to improve the vehicle’s carrying capacity.

Like the standard car, the Ami Cargo will be adapted to the UK market but will still be left-hand drive. The right passenger seat has been removed, with a new cargo module in its place, offering up to 260 liters of space and a payload of up to 140 kg. In addition to the existing car’s cargo space, this means there is 400 liters of total cargo capacity.

To separate this cargo area from the driver, the car comes with a vertical bulkhead that is positioned to provide maximum space behind the steering wheel and protect the driver from any loose objects in the cargo bay. The vehicle also comes with a secondary modular shelf that can hold up to 40 kg, which can be transformed into an office when the vehicle is parked.

Under the skin is a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery shared with the passenger car. That, combined with an 8 hp electric motor, allows the car to go up to 46 miles on a single charge, with zero tailpipe emissions. However, the vehicle is limited to 28 mph, giving it limited functionality outside of the city center.

Citroën Mon Ami Cargo

The vehicle is therefore designed exclusively for urban use, with a total length of 2.41 meters and a width of 1.39 meters. The turning radius is only 7.2 meters, as Citroën has tried to make the Ami as maneuverable as possible.

When the Ami Cargo arrives in the UK next year, it will join Citroën’s line of electrified light commercial vehicles, which already includes the Zoe van, e-Berlingo, e-Dispatch and e-Relay models. Citroën has also promised to offer electrified versions of each model in its range by 2025.

“I am incredibly excited to see the Ami Cargo arrive in the UK next year,” said Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroën UK. “With more and more cities in the UK introducing restrictions for conventional vehicles, Ami Cargo Electric will offer businesses and fleet customers the ability to continue their urban and last mile operations in a practical, sustainable and cost-effective manner. “

The new Ami Cargo is already available to order, with the first vehicles to the UK arriving in 2022.

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