Cochin Port User Forum opposes imposing drop-to-port charge at container terminal

The Cochin Port Trust shipping fraternity is angry with the decision to implement Direct to Port Delivery (DPD) and En-Bloc movement charges by terminal operator India Gateway Terminal effective October 1.

The maritime trade under the banner of the Cochin Port Users Forum has spoken out against the notice published by IGTPL, owned by DP World, to charge 800 yen for 20-foot containers and 1,200 yen for 40-foot boxes. The tariffs would be repeated after five days, if the containers were not cleared from the terminal.

Although these fees are already built into the terminal handling fees charged by shipping companies, the Cochin Port Users Forum said that the additional charging of DPD fees would end up affecting importers and negatively affect the interest of trade routed through ICTT. , Vallarpadam.

Increased operating costs

The notice also insisted that all importers register with IGTPL no later than September 30 with a security deposit of 50,000 per importer and that the invoiced amount be automatically debited from the respective deposits.

Considering an average of 600 importers – both regular and small-scale – the total amount of consolidation would reach 3 crore, making Kochi an expensive port in South India, said Prakash Iyer, chairman of the Port User Forum. from Cochin. Activity area.

Currently, terminal processing fees at IGTPL are almost double that of Tuticorin, or Chennai, in addition to higher operating costs. The additional charges for direct to port delivery and En-Bloc movement to CFS will further increase the cost of operations, he said.

The main import containers transported by ICTT are newsprint, tableware, raw cashews, raw spices, cement and plywood. That alone would come to approx. 3000 containers per month, while other goods consist of glassware and other industrial products for value added and re-export.

The shipping fraternity said that ICTT, with the capacity to handle 10 lakh TEUs, only reached 60% and therefore the storage of containers for customers’ choice would not affect terminal operations. Even after the commissioning of the ICTT in 2011, there is no improvement in direct ship services from the port of Cochin to other trade routes other than a service to Europe and one to the Far -East.

The additional cost for the movement of import containers would also work against the Prime Minister’s national mission of reaching $ 400 billion by 2022. Recently, the government has offered to promote DPD facilities to all. importers to reduce additional handling costs for import goods to reduce logistics costs. Therefore, the unilateral decision of the terminal authorities is against the government’s position, they said.

Importers and trade associations have raised concerns and requested intervention from the Ministry of Navigation, Cochin Port Trust and Cochin Customs to resolve the crisis.

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