Cold chain train launched on the China-Laos Railway

The first China-Laos freight train has arrived in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province. (Photo provided to China News Service by Yunnan State Farms Group Co., Ltd.)

(ECNS) – A train carrying 21 refrigerated containers left Yuxi, southwest China’s Yunnan Province, for the Laos capital Vientiane on Monday, marking the opening of a new logistics channel for the cold chain for vegetables and fruit between the two cities.

The cargo of this train consists of 20 containers of vegetables and one container of flowers, weighing more than 300 tons.

After the operation of the China-Laos Railway international freight trains, the journey time of cold chain vegetables and fruits from Yuxi to Vientiane, then to the Thai capital Bangkok via road transport will be reduced to 68 hours , or at least 76 hours less than traditional single road transport. In addition, the average freight per container has fallen by 30%.

Currently, the travel time between Yuxi and Vientiane is approximately 18 hours excluding border crossing time.

The China-Laos Railway will support exports of fresh agricultural products from Yunan to countries in Southeast Asia.

Yuxi is located in central Yunnan Province and enjoys superior advantages in location and transportation. In 2020, Yuxi exported $ 3.15 billion worth of agricultural products, accounting for 60.4% of Yunnan’s total agricultural product export volume, and 90% of them were exported to Asian countries in the South. Southeast, especially Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

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