Covid in the UAE: police arrest delivery men and reward them for wearing masks – News

In October, Happiness Patrols gave out Expo passports and giveaways to good drivers last year.


Published: Mon 24 Jan 2022, 10:49

Abu Dhabi Police arrested the delivery people to reward them for their commitment to Covid safety and compliance with traffic rules.

Video released by police shows Happiness Patrols arresting delivery people and offering them coupons.

The gifts were part of a campaign that was launched last year.

Several government departments in Abu Dhabi have teamed up to launch the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Campaign for Delivery Drivers in November 2021.

The campaign urges delivery people employed by restaurants, consumer goods stores, courier services and other similar businesses in different sectors to obey all traffic and road safety rules.

Police Happiness Patrols have been closely monitoring the roads since October 2016, handing out vouchers and certificates of appreciation, instead of slapping motorists with blackheads and fines.


In October, the patrols had distributed Expo passports and gifts to good drivers last year.

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