DESFA launches Revithoussa LNG truck loading station

The Greek company DESFA has inaugurated a truck loading station at its LNG import terminal located on the island of Revithoussa.

DESFA, controlled by a consortium led by Italy’s Snam, said in a statement that it inaugurated the new station on Wednesday.

The station offers a “flexible solution for road transport of significant amounts of energy, simulating a virtual pipeline, to off-grid areas and users, through the loading of specially designed liquefied natural gas trucks,” DESFA said.

It is the “first similar installation in South Eastern Europe, making Greece a supply and distribution hub for the whole region, while contributing to the strengthening of security of supply, offering the possibility of refueling also in neighboring Balkan countries, which do not have large-scale LNG infrastructures,” said DESFA.

The Greek gas network and LNG terminal operator has announced that it will build the truck loading station in June 2020.

It has a loading dock for trucks with a capacity of 50 m3 and a loading rate of 100 m3/h, DESFA had previously indicated. He expects up to 4,300 truck loading operations to take place per year.

The total cost of the project reached around 7.5 million euros ($7.3 million), according to DESFA.

DESFA has received €3.16 million from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund, as well as through the Poseidon Med II programme.

The company added that the new facility is the first step towards creating an integrated small-scale LNG supply chain in Greece, as DESFA will also build a small-scale LNG jetty which would also allow vessel refueling. using LNG as fuel, as well as supplying LNG satellite stations.

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