Distribution and logistics company Chorley reports turnover of £ 13million in the last 12 months

A Lancashire company that provides small e-commerce businesses with overnight and international delivery options reported annual turnover of £ 13million.

Global fulfillment service provider Fulfillmentcrowd reported 71% revenue growth for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, despite a disruption in the global supply chain.

During the same period, the Chorley-headquartered company grew its customer base from 300 to 500 e-commerce retail SMEs and expanded its operations into the EU and the US.

The company’s US-based distribution centers in Los Angeles and Virginia now process 1,200 orders each week for a rapidly growing base of UK-based exporters.

The company also strengthened its presence in the EU, opening its third center in Europe, which supported a 264 percent growth in revenue generated from exports to the continent.

Fulfillmentcrowd Managing Director Lee Thompson said, “Growth is driven by our unique ability to meet the demands of the growing number of SME e-commerce retailers.

“Online shopping is growing at a phenomenal rate and small retail businesses increasingly want to focus their energy on selling products, rather than spending time packaging them and sending them to customers.

“SME retailers want to outsource this part of their business, but often find it prohibitive and complex.

“They are also sometimes cautious because they could end up with a one-size-fits-all solution that may not be right for the size of their operation.

“Our simple, customer-focused offering with no minimum volumes and no extended agreements, backed by plug and play technology, is really resonating with small and medium e-commerce retailers. ”

In March 2021, fulfilmentcrowd closed its financial year with a £ 7.5million investment from growth capital investor BGF.

This supports fulfilmentcrowd’s international expansion and continued investment in its cloud-based customer platform.

Over the next 12 months, the company will also create 12 new, highly skilled technical and customer service roles to support its customer platform.

Fulfilmentcrowd is finalizing the development of its second generation customer application, which helps retailers improve inventory management amidst a disrupted global supply chain.

Mr. Thompson continued, “The industry is undoubtedly facing a number of challenges, ranging from record shipping prices to driver shortages.

“Investing in technology and software is a key part of the solution to solving these challenges, as it can provide data feeds that help improve inventory inventory forecasting and drive efficiencies.

“This will help protect the success of our clients in uncertain times and, in turn, will help support our continued growth.

“We realize that owners and senior executives of SME retailers live and breathe the workings of their businesses.

“They want to know the status of customer orders in real time and make sure products are on track and on time.

“It becomes even more important when they sell products internationally.

“The new application embraces this level of visibility and real-time tracking, which means businesses can quickly access data that improves customer service.

“It really helps small businesses maintain the personalized service that sets them apart.

“The SME part of UK retail is extremely entrepreneurial and nimble and has enormous potential for long-term growth.

“Consumers are committed to supporting boutiques and independents, and to defending innovative start-ups.

“By giving these businesses the next day and international delivery options they can afford, fufilmentcrowd is well positioned to help small and medium-sized retailers compete with large corporations and support growth in a rapidly growing market.

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