ENGINE: Prospects for Bunker Fuel Availability East of Suez


Rapid availability of bunkers in all fuel grades remains limited in Singapore. Recommended shipping times for HSFO are the longest from the port at 7-10 days, while VLSFO has slightly shorter times of 7-9 days, and LSMGO has 5-7 days.

Singapore’s middle distillate stocks hit their lowest level in four months in the week ending October 26 and have fallen by an average of 8% so far this month compared to September, according to Enterprise Singapore .

Singapore’s fuel oil residual stocks were on average roughly stable between September and October. The bulk of HSFO cargo volumes continued to arrive in Singapore from the United Arab Emirates and Russia this month, according to cargo tracker Vortexa. There have also been significant imports of low sulfur fuel oil (LSFO) from Malaysia.

East Asia

Bunkering operations at the Outer Limits of Zhoushan Port (OPL) have been suspended since Thursday last week due to bad weather. It is expected to resume Wednesday afternoon when the weather is calmer, according to the White Whale Shipping Agency.

Very fast delivery dates of VLSFO and LSMGO bunkers are available for small quantities in Zhoushan, subject to weather conditions. 3-5 days are advised for larger quantities. HSFO requires delivery times of 4-6 days.

Recommended lead times for VLSFO are around seven days from South Korean ports, but a supplier can deliver fast rods with lead times of around two days, sources said. Seven-day lead times are advised for LSMGO and HSFO in South Korean ports.

Meanwhile, VLSFO’s availability remains tight with some suppliers in Hong Kong where delivery times are around seven days. Some vendors may offer the grade on specific dates, according to a source.

South Asia

Several Indian ports including Mumbai, Mundra and Kandla on the northwest coast, and Cochin and Chennai on the south coast have good availability of VLSFO with delivery times of 2-3 days.

Visakhapatnam’s VLSFO price has recently come under some upward pressure as only one supplier can supply the grade.

Meanwhile, the availability of VLSFO is subject to investigation in Tuticorin.

Paradip’s suppliers on India’s east coast are nearly out of VLSFO. VLSFO can be delivered to Haldia with recommended lead times of 2-3 days.

The Sri Lankan ports of Colombo and Trincomalee have good VLSFO availability. A supplier may offer the grade for quick dates, sources say.

Middle East

Fujairah’s VLSFO price has been trending lower compared to other major Asian hubs since the beginning of last month and remains the most attractive. Demand in the UAE port remains weak and continues to constrain prices, sources say.

VLSFO has recommended turnaround times of around five days in Fujairah, and LSMGO requires four days. HSFO has the longest lead times of eight days.

The availability of VLSFO in Sohar remains good. Quick dates for LSMGO stems are available at the Omani ports of Sohar and Duqm.
Source: ENGINE, by Tuhin Roy (https://engine.online/)

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