Every DoorDash employee, from engineers to CEOs, will make deliveries

The on-demand food delivery company over the New Year will reinstate a program, called WeDash, that it cut off during the pandemic.

DoorDash launched WeDash in 2013 when it first started operations. Its founders said they wanted to involve the company in community and philanthropic efforts from the start.

“As the business grew, the founders wanted everyone to experience different parts of the product so that we could get closer to all of our audiences and understand how the product works,” a DoorDash spokesperson said. in an email to CNNBusiness Tuesday. All the money employees made by participating was donated to a non-profit organization.

“By engaging as a dasher, supporting a merchant, or observing a customer experience agent, employees learn firsthand how the technology products we build strengthen local economies, which helps us create a better product, ”the company said.

The program, which extends to all non-delivery employees, including engineers and senior managers, will be returning in January and some expected attendees are already complaining.

According to a media report, a disgruntled DoorDash engineer recently posted a lengthy post on the anonymous social media platform Blind about monthly deliveries that weren’t part of their job description when they signed up to join DoorDash.

DoorDash Response: “Employee sentiment on Blind does not reflect the employee base in general. This is a valuable program that we have had since the inception of the company. ”

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