Deliver Journal Mon, 06 Dec 2021 18:41:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Deliver Journal 32 32 17-year-old accused of shooting delivery driver DoorDash in carjacking – NBC Chicago Mon, 06 Dec 2021 18:08:14 +0000

A 17-year-old faces felony charges after a series of car hijackings targeting food delivery drivers, including one who was gunned down earlier this week in Hazel Crest.

Corey Lesser is charged as an adult with attempted murder in Wednesday’s shooting, among other charges, authorities said on Saturday.

A driver for the DoorDash food ordering app was finishing deliveries with his girlfriend in the southern suburbs that day, prosecutors said at a bail hearing.

At one stop, the driver got off to deliver a McDonald’s order while his girlfriend stayed in the car. It was then that prosecutors allege Lesser jumped into the front seat of the moving car, pointed a gun at the driver’s girlfriend and ordered her out.

She complied, but her boyfriend heard the noise and jumped into the passenger seat, trying to stop Lesser, who allegedly shot the driver in the groin.

The teenager then crashed the car and fled before being arrested by police, prosecutors said.

Four similar car hijackings by DoorDash drivers were reported on November 27 and 28, with Lesser listed as a customer in two of the delivery notes, prosecutors said. At Wednesday’s meeting, the name was different, but the IP address would match that of the commands under Lesser’s name.

The driver who was affected was hospitalized for two days and has since been released.

Lesser was held without bail. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday.

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Automotive logistics solutions and transport services in 2022 Sun, 05 Dec 2021 18:50:04 +0000

Have you ever wondered about the processes that go into delivering your vehicle? Rest assured that there is a lot going on in automotive logistics. You might think it’s as simple and smooth as your usual online shopping, but there’s quite a process going on before your car can arrive at its final destination.

Automotive logistics and transport services

Let’s first see what automotive logistics really is.

The automotive supply chain is made up of all stakeholders. This includes businesses and individuals that are relevant to the automotive industry, including international and commercial shipping, storage, and even local delivery professionals.

This whole process involves the active mobility of all auto parts, including components and spare parts, as well as finished products. In addition, the active involvement of organizations such as maintenance and repair providers is also essential for the proper functioning of the entire chain. Sthe services of organizations such as Autobedrijf Geesteren play an important role in maintaining the quality of our vehicles. They bring their expertise to ensure that vehicles are in the best condition at all times.

Once you receive the car, there is the expert servicing aspect of the auto service. If you are in the transportation industry, you will understand why you need professional services. It will be essential to keep the vehicles in perfect working order.

The automotive industry has long been one of the most profitable industries. So, in 2022, it is expected to expand further as new technologies are introduced.

Below are some of the things we can expect from this industry.

Automotive logistics forecast

2020 and 2021 have seen major disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some companies had to close, thus affecting the supply. Social distancing and quarantines made it impossible to continue working as usual. But now the world is starting to adjust to normal.

While there might not be a full return to normal anytime soon, things are looking up. We can expect interesting trends and solutions to come into play and athe players in the automotive industry have a lot to look forward to.

The auto dealership expects transportation demand to increase as operations resume. There is also an opportunity to partner with logistics companies. The challenge will be to ensure punctual deliveries and reduce lead times.

But that’s not all. The auto industry experienced a downturn during the outbreak of the pandemic. There has been a disruption in the auto manufacturing and supply chain. Fortunately, 2022 could see the resumption of services. There is great positivity in the industry as players gear up to fill in the gaps.

Autonomous vehicles to have an impact

The interest in autonomous vehicles is not new. But, the focus has been largely on the consumer, rather than the logistics industry. There is growing interest in the impact of these cars in the transport sector. Large logistics companies like UPS and DHL are making a foray into determining the viability of self-driving delivery cars. Companies see benefits in terms of increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

Autonomous vehicles can meet a significant challenge in the supply chain. The American Trucking Association estimates a shortage of approximately 80,000 truck drivers. The situation is so dire that it could double by 2030. Lack of drivers means goods are not reaching shelves or customers. This is a big concern that needs to be addressed. But therein lies the opportunity to seek lasting solutions. Self-driving cars can liberate addiction to human labor.

Investor interest in innovations is growing

Autonomous trucks are attracting great interest among investors. Since 2019, they have injected $ 11 billion in startups working on autonomous trucks. One of those companies is Aurora, which is on the way to going public.

Other startups include Embark Trucks, Plus and Simple, Waymo, and Locomation. And traditional truck manufacturers and auto parts dealers aren’t taking the chances. They understand where the industry is going. That’s why many are partnering with tech companies.

It will be interesting to see if the industry can have fully autonomous trucks. It might not happen by 2022, but we can expect plenty of reports on pilots or startups demonstrations.

Role of the Internet and artificial intelligence

Vehicles connected to the Internet will become more and more common as connectivity improves communication. Drivers can get information about road safety, weather, congestion / road conditions, accidents or speed limits.

Remote diagnostics and system updates will be easy with vehicle-to-cloud connectivity. Businesses can monitor and get real-time data on the location of vehicles. Such information increases security and helps predict arrival times. The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact every step of the supply chain. It will improve communication between manufacturers and logistics companies.

Artificial intelligence is already part of the automotive industry. There are many applications, including supply chain optimization and vehicle assembly. AI also takes care of mundane and repetitive tasks. Teams can focus on other key areas. These include research, innovation and design.

Yet not all of these features reveal the full potential of AI in the automotive industry. Technologies have an important role to play in predictive monitoring, quality control and early detection of defects.

AI enables teams to collect data that improves the decision-making process. Logistics companies can use them to make predictions – like the best carriers or modes of transport for maximum reliability and profit. Automakers can forecast demand by understanding the customer’s buying behavior. We predict a future where AI will occupy a much bigger place in the industry.

Overcome the challenges of logistics and transport

As the world moves towards 2022, players in the logistics and transportation sectors face several challenges. The pandemic has big lessons to teach, including the need for better preparedness through strong contingency plans.

Creating agile solutions must take center stage as the new year approaches. The industry needs to look for ways to cut costs, and quick fixes are available in areas such as process automation and the use of AI. Data analysis can, for example, help with route optimization. Real-time data provides insight into road conditions while truckers can navigate the best routes to ensure deadlines are met. AI will improve efficiency, thereby reducing production times. All of these benefits will trickle down to end users.

Innovations such as self-driving cars will increase efficiency. They also provide a contingency plan to avoid issues such as driver shortages. Industry players must work together to find sustainable solutions.

Technologies like blockchain can provide a solution to fraud cases. Transport and logistics companies can better manage inventory. Technology does not allow modification of data without raising a flag.

In addition, real-time information will make it easier for businesses to communicate with customers. Effective inventory tracking and management will improve operations all around.

Final thoughts

2022 will be a period of recovery for many industries. It is clear that the pandemic will cross into the new year. The good news is that businesses are stabilizing again. There will be greater adoption of technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain. The aim is to increase efficiency at a lower cost.

The automotive and transportation sector has a long way to go. Autonomous vehicles can hit the streets in massive numbers. Perhaps the most exciting will be seeing an autonomous truck. With the level of interest among startups and investors, this may be happening sooner than we can predict.

AD Ports Group Mugharraq Port Wins International Port Label Sun, 05 Dec 2021 12:06:17 +0000

AD Ports Group announced today that the Port of Mugharraq, a strategic port located in the Al Dhafra region, has been recognized as an international port facility.

Issued under the provisions of the International Code for the Safety of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code) by the UAE Department of Energy and Infrastructure, the port has long served as a premier maritime facility that provides a multitude of offshore activities, projects / oil and gas, general cargo, logistical support, bulk and bulk handling services.

With the new certification, the port of Mugharraq can now receive international and local vessels including container ships, bulk carriers and bulk carriers, mobile offshore drilling units, tugs, chemical tankers, offshore support vessels, high-speed passenger ships and freighters.

Saif Al Mazrouei, Head of Ports Cluster, AD Ports Group, said: “It is with great pleasure that we announce that the port of Mugharraq, one of the best performing ports in the Al Dhafra region, has been officially recognized as an international port facility. .

“This achievement will dramatically accelerate the port’s potential to attract the interest of global industry leaders, particularly those involved in the global energy market, while simultaneously opening up new opportunities in other industries and segments to target.

“We look forward to further strengthening the logistics capabilities of Mugharraq Port, as well as cultivating the port’s reputation not only as a vital maritime facility in the Middle East, but also as a footprint in global trade. “

Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Port Manager, Al Dhafra Region, said: “By receiving the distinction of international port facility under the provisions of the ISPS Code, the Port of Mugharraq has strengthened its position as a strategic commercial port.

ADNOC L&S and AD Ports will develop a new port and logistics facility in TA’ZIZ

“This achievement reflects the efforts of AD Ports Group in recent years to design and advance a master plan for the modernization of ports in the Al Dhafra region, which has seen several infrastructure improvements for commercial and recreational maritime activities. .

“We also wish to share our appreciation for the leadership’s support in the development of advanced infrastructure in Al Dhafra, as well as for their efforts to diversify the economy of the UAE.”

AD Ports Group is about to complete a large expansion project aimed at improving the infrastructure and service capabilities of Mugharraq Port to ensure it is better positioned to support offshore projects and related megaprojects to the oil and gas field.

The infrastructure improvements introduced include the extension of the quay wall to 480 meters with additional berths, the deepening of the installation depth to 8 meters, as well as the development of additional Ro-Ro ramps at a total of six and additional bunks designed to withstand heavy lifting operations.

In addition, the load factor capacity of the port has also been increased up to 15 tons per square meter, which in addition to supporting heavy load transport activities, also accelerates the movement of goods to oil facilities. and gas.

Regarding port city side operations, new elements include the development of liquid and dry bulk pipelines, which are expected to significantly benefit oil and gas customers using Mugharraq port.

The improvements to Mugharraq Port, coupled with its strategic proximity to Ruwais, Hail, Ghasha and other key upstream oil and gas projects in the region, strengthen its position as a well-equipped ISPS port to meet the evolving needs of international operations.

Find out more: AD Ports Group Reports Strong Revenue Growth for First 9 Months of 2021

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5 relevant facts about truck crashes in 2021 Sun, 05 Dec 2021 08:01:27 +0000

As the population grows, the demand for products and goods increases. The most common way to transport these items across the country is by commercial truck. For this reason, the commercial trucking industry in the United States must meet these needs, and for that to happen, it must also grow. It is estimated that of all products shipped across the country, 70% travel in a truck.

There is a wide variety in the size of the trucks used for the delivery of goods. Massive 18-wheeler trucks, mid-size trucks, and even smaller trucks can all be used. The type of truck chosen to transport various items will depend on the needs of the cargo. For example, frozen products must be shipped in a truck with specific temperature controls.

Realities of truck accidents in 2021

Despite the importance that large trucks have to the economy of the United States and to the daily lives of Americans, they are still very dangerous for drivers. Over the years, commercial truck accidents have increased. Indeed, from 2017 to 2018, these incidents increased by 1%.

There have been so many cases where truck accidents happen due to the recklessness of the truck driver or the violations of the trucking company. For this reason, the trucking industry has been severely affected by the public perception that truckers are dangerous and negligent. Bodily Injury Caused By Trucking Accidents and death have happened far too frequently across the country.

It is believed that by 2030, deaths from traffic incidents involving trucks is believed to be the fifth leading cause of death in the country. This means that the dangers associated with trucks on the road are unlikely to diminish anytime soon.

In 20201, the following five facts about truck accidents are particularly important:

  1. From 2009 to 2021, truck accidents increased by 52%.
  2. Statistics show that truck crashes most often occur in the middle of the day from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  3. Passenger vehicle occupants are the most affected when colliding with a truck. Of all reported fatalities involving trucks, 68% of people in a passenger vehicle were killed.
  4. When it comes to fatal car crashes that were reported, the majority of about 74% included a truck.
  5. Driving a truck is extremely complex, more so than driving an average sedan. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account, including ensuring that all components of the truck are in good condition. This is especially true for the tires of a large truck, as tire problems are responsible for 30% of the trucking accidents that take place. Tire problems are the number one reason a truck crashes.

Speak to a Mississippi 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Today

There is an ongoing inspection in the trucking industry to try to figure out how to improve safety. Nonetheless, if you have been injured in a truck accident near Jackson, call the German law firm, PLLC will help you find out more about the best way to get compensation. The Jackson 18 Wheel Accident Law Firm fought on behalf of many victims of large truck accidents to protect their rights and obtain fair compensation.

Schedule your free consultation with the Jackson personal injury lawyer at the German law firm, PLLC today by calling (601) 487-0555.

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7 jobs with Canada Post, FedEx, and Purolator you can apply to that pay more than minimum wage Sat, 04 Dec 2021 21:36:43 +0000

It’s that time of year and big courier companies are looking for help, which means you can find just as many FedEx, Purolator, and Canada Post jobs to apply to, including those that pay way more than the minimum wage.

With these positions available, the salary ranges from over $ 17 an hour to over $ 21 an hour and this is much higher than even the highest minimum wage in Canada which is $ 16 per hour. time in Nunavut in November 2021.

Here are seven jobs to discover that could help you deposit a lot of money in your bank account!


Salary: $ 21.94 per hour

Company: Purolator

Who Should Apply: This position in Ville Saint-Pierre, Quebec is for someone who has the ability to lift and / or carry up to 70 pounds, knowledge of French, the ability to work in an environment where the time is limited, the willingness to work as part of a team and attention to process, quality and / or operational standards.

Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is also a requirement.

There is a $ 400 hiring bonus paid after one month of employment and then two retention bonuses of $ 500 after three months and six months of employment!

Apply here

Retail Sales Representative (Temporary)

Salary: $ 18.58 per hour to start, $ 19.78 per hour after three months

Company: Purolator

Who Should Apply: For this job in Vancouver, Purolator is seeking someone who has organizational skills, written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to prioritize work and meet tight deadlines, the ability to work independently and able to lift 70 pounds.

The job posting even mentions being treated as a qualification!

The maximum rate of pay for the position is $ 24.68 per hour after four years.

Apply here

Part-time driver

Salary: $ 18.90 per hour

Company: FedEx

Who Should Apply: Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid G driver’s license, a good driving record, the ability to lift 70 pounds, and the ability to maneuver packages weighing up to ‘to 150 pounds with the proper equipment.

This part-time position is located in Barrie, Ontario.

Apply here


Salary: $ 19.48 per hour

Company: FedEx

Who Should Apply: For this Edmonton-based part-time job, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, valid driver’s license (Class 5 non-GDL), good driving record, ability lift 70 pounds and the ability to maneuver packages weighing up to 150 pounds with the proper equipment.

Apply here

Post assistant

Salary: $ 17.73 per hour

Company: Canada Post

Who Should Apply: This part-time position in Tofino, BC requires a high school diploma or equivalent and / or business administration experience.

Additionally, training and / or experience interacting with the public in a retail service environment (including sales and cash transactions), an understanding of general accounting systems or post offices and the ability to lift mail containers up to 50 pounds, push or pull boxes, sort mail and stand for long periods of time is essential.

Apply here


Salary: $ 21.80 per hour

Company: Canada Post

Who should apply: A person with a valid Class 5 or Class G driver’s license, a safe driving record for at least 3 years, the ability to lift mail items weighing up to 50 pounds and carry items weighing up to 35 pounds on a regular basis, the ability to work in all weather conditions, the availability to be on call, and the ability to read, write and speak English and / or French.

Experience in customer service, working as a driver or making deliveries is considered an asset.

This position is located in Dunnville, Ontario.

Apply here

Postal service courier

Salary: $ 21.80 per hour

Company: Canada Post

Who Should Apply: For this job in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Post is looking for someone with a valid Class 3 / D driver’s license, a safe driving record for at least three years, able to lift mail items weighing up to 50 pounds and ready to work on short notice.

It is an asset to have experience with customer service, professional driving in commercial delivery and driving a truck of five tons or more.

Apply here

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Three startups win US Space Force accelerator award Fri, 03 Dec 2021 23:26:15 +0000

Varda Space Industries, SCOUT and Neutron Star Systems were the first three startups of the Hyperspace Challenge 2021

WASHINGTON – Space industry startups focused on satellite propulsion, in-orbit manufacturing and debris tracking have won an award from a US Space Force-funded business accelerator.

The accelerator known as the Hyperspace Challenge, operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Space Force’s SpaceWERX program, announced on December 2 that Varda Space Industries, SCOUT and Neutron Star Systems were awarded $ 25,000 (first place), $ 15,000 (second place) and $ 10,000 (third place), respectively.

In addition to cash prizes, companies have access to government mentors and information on future contract opportunities. Thirteen startups competed for the 2021 awards.

Varda Space Industries, founded in 2020, earlier this year raised $ 42 million in Series A funding to develop a manufacturing facility to make products in space that can be brought back to Earth. The Space Force is interested in the company’s payload capsules for delivering cargo from space.

SCOUT, a two-year-old start-up, has developed a spatial optical sensor and payload system for collision avoidance and object detection in space.

Neutron Star Systems, of Cologne, Germany, is developing a superconductor-based electric propulsion system as a lower cost alternative to other forms of electric propulsion currently in use for satellites.

The Hyperspace accelerator also selected three universities: Stevens Institute of Technology, for its artificial intelligence technology; SUNY Polytechnic Institute, for neural networks that could help track satellite debris; and Texas State University, for his research into the effects of vibration in the microgravity production of heavy metal fluoride glass.

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Significant developments by the main suppliers and innovation profiles Fri, 03 Dec 2021 19:00:00 +0000

DUBLIN, Dec 3 2021 / PRNewswire / – The report, “Automotive Logistics Market Research Report By Service, Mode of Transportation, Distribution Channel, and State – United States Forecast to 2026 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” has been added to offer.

The size of the automotive logistics market in the United States has been estimated to be $ 4,320.50 million in 2020, is expected to reach $ 4,847.06 million in 2021, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.47% reaching $ 7,436.59 million by 2026.

Market statistics

The report provides market size and forecast in five major currencies: USD, EUR GBP, JPY, and AUD. It helps organizational leaders make better decisions when currency data is readily available.

In this report, the years 2018 and 2019 are considered as historical years, 2020 as the base year, 2021 as the estimated year and the years 2022 to 2026 are considered as the forecast period.

This research report categorizes Automotive Logistics to forecast revenue and analyze trends in each of the following submarkets:

  • On the basis of service, the market has been studied in automotive logistics, commercial vehicles and freight management.
  • On the basis of the mode of transport, the market has been studied on air, sea, rail and road routes.
  • Based on the distribution channel, the market has been studied in the aftermarket and OEM.
  • Based on the state, the market has been studied through California, Florida, Illinois, new York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Competitive scenario

The competitive scenario provides a outlook analysis of the various business growth strategies adopted by the vendors. The news covered in this section delivers valuable insights at different stages while keeping abreast of the business and engaging stakeholders in the economic debate. The competitive scenario represents press releases or news from companies categorized as M&A, Agreement, Collaboration and Partnership, New Product Launch and Improvement, Investment and Funding, and Reward, Recognition and Expansion. All the news gathered helps the supplier understand the market gaps and the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, thus providing information to improve products and services.

Company usability profiles

The report explores in depth recent significant developments of key vendors and innovation profiles in United States Automotive Logistics Market Including:

  • BLG Logistics Group AG & Co. KG
  • Logistics CEVA
  • CFR Rinkens LLC
  • Dachser Group SE & Co. KG
  • DB Schenker
  • Db schenker
  • DHL International GmbH
  • DSV Panalpina A / S
  • International shippers of Washington, Inc.
  • Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG
  • Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
  • Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH
  • Kerry Logistics Network Limited
  • Kintetsu World Express, Inc.
  • Kuehne + Nagel International AG
  • Logistics Services Neovia, LLC
  • Nippon Express Co. Ltd.
  • Panalpine
  • Penske Logistics, Inc.
  • Ryder System, Inc.
  • Schnellecke
  • SNCF Group
  • Tiba Group
  • XPO Logistics, Inc.
  • Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd.

The report provides information on the following pointers:

1. Market penetration: provides comprehensive information on the market offered by major players
2. Market Development: Provides detailed information on lucrative emerging markets and analyzes penetration into mature market segments.
3. Market diversification: provides detailed information on new product launches, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments
4. Competitive Assessment and Intelligence: Provides a comprehensive assessment of market shares, strategies, products, certification, regulatory approvals, patent landscape and manufacturing capabilities of key players
5. Product Development and Innovation: Provides intelligent information on future technologies, R&D activities and breakthrough product developments

The report answers questions such as:

1. What is the market size and forecast for the United States automotive logistics market?
2. What are the inhibiting factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the United States automotive logistics market during the forecast period?
3. What are the products / segments / applications / areas to invest in during the forecast period in United States Automotive logistics market?
4. What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in United States Automotive logistics market?
5. What are the technological trends and regulatory frameworks in United States Automotive logistics market?
6. What is the market share of the main suppliers in United States Automotive logistics market?
7. What strategic fashions and movements are considered appropriate for entering the automotive logistics market in the United States?

For more information on this report visit

Media contact:

Research and markets
Laura Wood, senior
[email protected]

For EST office hours, call + 1-917-300-0470
For USA / CAN call toll free + 1-800-526-8630
For GMT office hours, call + 353-1-416-8900

US Fax: 646-607-1907
Fax (outside the United States): + 353-1-481-1716

SOURCE Research and Markets

Hamilton trucks delayed and hijacked shots Fri, 03 Dec 2021 18:08:07 +0000

Proposed changes to a truck route in Hamilton, Ont. Face opposition from residents and trucking companies as the issue makes its way through the city’s planning process.

A related master plan – placing significant limits on trucks over five axles, as well as travel around the city center – is coming back to staff for further consideration before returning to a subcommittee in March.

(Photo: istock)

The rules would apply to any truck or trailer with a gross vehicle weight greater than 4,500 kg, and vehicles would only be allowed to use the “shortest route” outside the designated truck route during traffic. local deliveries.

“The Hamilton truck route will add an average of 17 km per trip, or about 15 to 20 minutes per day,” said Ontario Trucking Association president Stephen Laskowski, referring to comments from members traveling to the west of Hamilton. “Add time, add kilometers, you add costs…. Extend the journey, we are burning more fuel. We burn more fuel, you create GHGs.

“These are not roads that the trucking industry likes to take because we like to go. It’s because our customers ask us to go there, ”he said.

Laskowski was among dozens of delegations at a Truck Routes subcommittee meeting on November 29, with residents and community groups widely opposing trucks in residential areas – citing concerns about quality of life , emissions and security.

Hamilton recorded 13 truck-related deaths between 2014 and 2018, including six involving pedestrians.

“The Council recently took the bold stand of controlling urban sprawl. How is blocking industrial truck traffic through the rural community compatible with respecting urban sprawl? Asked Tanya De Jager, one of the many locals questioning Nebo Road’s plans.

“We walk past the Amazon building and we couldn’t count the number of truck docks. Is the committee trying to do by turning rural two-lane roads into truck-only roads? “

“You allow operators to use our neighborhoods as shortcuts. Destroy our infrastructure. To pollute our lungs, wake us up from sleep and put our people at risk, ”said resident David Colacci.

Robert Iszkula, representing the Truck Route Reboot Community Group, said he saw no need for the problem to become a “battle” between industry and residents. “What we are asking is that transport trucks requiring highway access to the industrial area and ports be directed only to Nikola Tesla Boulevard and Burlington Street,” he said. “These roads were built for that. Allowing heavy trucks to use our downtown roads is putting too much pressure on them.

“There is simply no other route”

Hugh Loomans, Sylvite’s president and CEO, admits the trucks driving through downtown even drive him crazy.

“There is simply no other route. It’s frustration, ”he said. “As you get into a heavy truck, cross the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, down the Red Hill Valley, back to Burlington and the West Harbor, I think it takes a lot over 15 minutes.”

Bunge North America noted in a written submission that adding 15 to 45 minutes per round trip between Pier 11 and 403 could add $ 20 to transportation costs in each direction.

Challenges have also arisen with plans to further limit the movement of vehicles with more than five axles.

“The introduction of axle restrictions on major connectors in the regional network is a major concern as it unfairly penalizes agricultural users,” said Larissa Fenn, director of public affairs at the Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority.

Rather than taking 12 minutes to cover today’s 7.8 km routes, the proposed restrictions could see trucks travel 26 or 37 km between Pier 10 and the foot of Highway 6, he said. she declared.

“The limitation to five axles effectively eliminates our ability to operate in this area of ​​town or use west / south roads to access freeways in that direction without first taking a more roundabout route east,” said Mark Hebert, National Director of Transportation. at P&H Milling Group.

All but one of its vehicles have more than five axles. And Hebert noted that axle restrictions will also increase congestion and delays around the port.

The problem is not unique to the agriculture-focused fleets that service the terminal.

“Many companies like ours, which primarily haul household products, often use tandem and tridem trailers,” said Steve Foxcroft, vice president of Fluke Transport. “The impact of this additional axle is in no way unfavorable to what we are trying to achieve on the master plan for truck routes. “

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7-Eleven and Nuro Partner to Launch California’s First Self-Contained Commercial Delivery Service Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:55:49 +0000

Through: | 1 actions 16 readings

7-Eleven and Nuro to Offer Residents of Mountain View, Calif., On-Demand Delivery Using Autonomous Vehicles

December 03, 2021 // // IRVING, TX – 7-Eleven, Inc. Brings Futuristic Innovation to Customers in Mountain View, Calif., By Driving Autonomous Delivery with Nuro, a Robotics Company Transforming Local Commerce with autonomous vehicles. In collaboration with Nuro, 7-Eleven is launching the first autonomous commercial delivery in the State of California, allowing its service area customers to order through the 7NOW® delivery app to have their products delivered via a bot.

“7-Eleven has owned and defined convenience since 1927,” said Raghu Mahadevan, digital director of 7-Eleven. “Our first foray into autonomous delivery was in 2016, when 7-Eleven became the first retailer in the United States to provide drone delivery to a customer’s home. Since then, we’ve been constantly looking for ways to redefine convenience for our customers inside and outside the four walls of our stores. Fast forward to 2021, and we’re pushing the boundaries of innovation even further to provide customers with the first commercial self-contained delivery service in California. Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

This is how it works:

  • To start: Download the 7NOW delivery app.
  • Order: Browse the app to shop for favorite foods like pizza, fries, drinks, housewares and more. Add items to your cart, begin the checkout process, and choose standalone shipping. Autonomous vehicle deliveries are available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time at no additional charge to customers in Mountain View, CA.
  • Enjoy: The 7NOW delivery app will send updates as the order is processed, and orders will arrive in approximately 30 minutes. Just meet the autonomous vehicle outside, collect your items from the back of the vehicle and enjoy.

Nuro will begin this delivery service with its autonomous Priuses and later introduce R2 robots, the company’s autonomous robots that are custom-designed to transport products and goods without any occupants in the vehicle. Nuro became the first autonomous vehicle company to receive a deployment permit from the California DMV in December 2020, allowing the launch of this first commercial delivery service in the state in collaboration with 7-Eleven.

“The people of the State of California – a major hub of innovation – have never been able to experience the commercial delivery of goods by an autonomous vehicle. Nuro is partnering with 7-Eleven to change that, ”said Jiajun Zhu, CEO and co-founder of Nuro. “We have always wanted to bring the autonomous delivery of Nuro to our local community and to our neighbors. We couldn’t be more excited to do this with an iconic neighborhood store like 7-Eleven in our hometown, Mountain View.

Launched in late 2017, 7NOW® Delivery is available across the United States and offers real-time tracking that lets customers know when to expect their orders, typically within 30 minutes.

* Items subject to an age limit (alcohol, tobacco products, lottery tickets) are not available in stand-alone delivery slips.

* All Nuro Priuses will include an Autonomous Vehicle Operator in the driver’s seat to monitor technology and ensure an optimal delivery experience as service is introduced in the Mountain View area.

SOURCE 7 – Eleven, Inc.



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Former student Mark Martecchini to become new president of the Webb Institute Thu, 02 Dec 2021 19:50:33 +0000

The search for a new president for the Webb Institute led to a 130-year-old Glen Cove School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering alumnus.

Mark Martecchini will become the 16th president of the Webb Institute when he takes office on July 1, succeeding R. Keith Michel, who is retiring after nine years.

In a statement released by the Institute, Martecchini said he was honored to have been chosen “to lead Webb into … a future where sustainability and decarbonization will redraw the map of the maritime industry, with Webb graduates being ideally placed for this change to happen “.

The undergraduate institution, which accommodates 105 students on a 26-acre waterfront campus in a former estate, offers full scholarships and is the oldest such program in the United States.

Martecchini, a resident of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, holds a Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the Webb Institute and a Master of Business Administration from New York University.

He had a 38-year career with Stolt-Nielsen, an international logistics company with more than 6,000 employees in 30 countries. He was most recently managing director of Stolt Tankers, operating the world’s largest tanker fleet, according to the institute’s statement.

He also noted that Martecchini, one of two sons who graduated from the Webb Institute in 2009, has served on several industry association boards and previously chaired the Webb Institute’s academic and student affairs committee. It was the unanimous choice of the research committee of the board of directors and the board of directors.

In his remarks, Board Chairman Bruce S. Rosenblatt called Martecchini a “visionary leader” and praised Michel who retired for increasing student numbers, results, diversity and the school’s financial strength during his tenure.

Michel said of his successor: “I have long admired his collaborative approach to leadership and believe he is uniquely prepared to lead Webb at a time when rapid technological advancements demand innovative approaches to engineering education. . ”