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Working as a delivery driver can take many forms. Those who prefer rural areas can choose to work picking crops from farms and taking them to markets around their states and beyond their borders. Drivers who live in the suburbs may work for a delivery service that primarily delivers packages to businesses and individuals. And those who live in dense urban environments may consider working in food delivery, bringing food from restaurants to people’s homes and offices.

Regardless of the type of deliveries drivers perform, wages for their work vary widely across the United States. However, from mid-2021, a severe shortage of drivers, particularly in trucking, is causing supply chain issues across the country, and workers could see their wages rise due to the tightening of the supply of their labor.

Circuit used data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to rank the highest-paying states for delivery drivers based on estimated average annual salaries, also including statistics on the estimated total employment of drivers in the state. Data was drawn from three specific occupations as categorized by the BLS: Drivers/Salespersons, Heavy-Duty Truck and Tractor-Trailer Drivers, and Light-Duty Truck Drivers. Delaware employment data does not include an estimate for drivers/salespersons. There are 3,162,630 Americans employed in delivery nationwide, with an average hourly wage of $19.08 and an average annual salary of $39,689.

Check out the stats below to find out how much delivery drivers in your state make or click the national history to see how much delivery drivers make in all 50 states and Washington DC

Tennessee by the numbers

– Average annual salary: $38,967
– Average hourly wage: $18.74
– Total employment: 93,660

Although much of Tennessee is rural, the booming city of Nashville offers a golden opportunity for food delivery drivers. The city has some of the most popular restaurants around the country, giving couriers the ability to deliver food from many Michelin-starred restaurants to the city’s country music stars and other residents.

Keep reading to see which states are the most and least lucrative for delivery drivers.

States where delivery drivers earn the most

#1. Alaska: average annual salary of $48,893 (average hourly salary of $23.50)
#2. Washington: average annual salary of $46,173 (average hourly salary of $22.20)
#3. Massachusetts: average annual salary of $45,373 (average hourly salary of $21.81)

States where delivery drivers earn the least

#1. Mississippi: average annual salary of $35,653 (average hourly salary of $17.14)
#2. South Carolina: average annual salary of $35,833 (average hourly salary of $17.23)
#3. Florida: $36,323 average annual salary ($17.47 average hourly salary)

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