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A food delivery driver was arrested on Saturday after a series of incidents in which police said he made threats and pointed a gun at people in the North Stafford area.

Sheriff’s Maj. Shawn Kimmitz said the driver was initially upset that he couldn’t order a Happy Meal from the breakfast menu at Aquia McDonald’s at 2862 Jefferson Davis Highway.

Police said the driver left the store in a white Toyota around 10 a.m. but said he would come back and execute everyone.

Responding to that call, the sheriff’s office was dispatched to nearby Stafford Market, where a woman reported that she and her passengers were crossing the merger zone at Garrisonville Road (State Route 610) and Interstate 95 when the driver of a white Toyota Yaris pointed a handgun at them.

Deputy BW Gildea was looking for the vehicle when he was approached by a man who said it was parked at Panera Bread when the driver of a white Toyota lifted a black handgun, slammed down the slide and l pointed at him without provocation. He then lowered the gun and left, Kimmitz said.

This man said he recognized the suspect as a DoorDash driver, but did not know his name.

As MPs continued their search, Aquia McDonald’s called back to report the angry driver had returned. Police said he used abusive and threatening language towards a client during that visit and was taken into custody by Deputy SM Eastman without further incident.

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