Freight Assist Australia takes delivery of Vawdrey B-doubles

Vawdrey Super B-double.

Bulk transport and logistics provider, Freight Assist Australia, continues to invest in high-productivity vehicles from Vawdrey Australia.

Several sets of Vawdrey B-double suits are coming out of production and are expected to enter service soon.

“They look absolutely amazing and are a much anticipated and welcome addition to the Freight Assist Australia fleet,” said Dean Wrigley, Managing Director of Freight Assist Australia. “Let them come.”

Last year Freight Assist Australia ordered high productivity Vawdrey Super B semi-trailers which made their debut at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Vawdrey stole the show with her 42-pallet Super B-double – 4.6m high, an interior volume of 215 cubic meters and a gross combined mass (GCM) of 68.5 tonnes.

The tag trailer has a payload of 24 pallets while the main trailer can handle 18 double stacked pallets on a mezzanine. This design is available in straight-bed, low-bed, or dual-bed configurations on either trailer.

An overall length of 30m gives access to the 2B road network and the swept trajectory in curves is minimized by self-steering axles at the rear of the two axle groups of the trailer.

The lead trailer features a widely used three-axle configuration that allows the Super B’s on-road performance and swept trajectory to mirror that of a conventional 26m B-double while providing an additional four meters of overall length.

The Super B-double on display at the Brisbane Truck Show was specified with BPW Transpec axles and WABCO Electronic Braking System (EBS) on a low-bed twin-bed configuration. The mezzanine platform can be manually adjusted by a forklift. Optional hydraulic lift mezzanine decks are also available for this configuration.

Vawdrey’s Lift-a-Gate system with tall gates has a load rating of 1160kg per pallet space and covers an overall height of 4.6m, helping to mitigate the risk of operator injury from at the rising doors. Meanwhile, Super-Strap curtains, rated at 1,430 kg per pallet space, eliminate the need for barriers in general cargo applications.

Super B-double exposed trailers have been upgraded with barriers conforming to the 2G classification which requires the barriers to resist a certain lateral force and the curtains not to be allowed to exceed 100mm of deflection from the outer edge. Load rated curtains are an additional load safety measure.

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