FreightWaves Classics: Paschall Truck Lines has been delivering the goods for 85 years

The first 35 years and over

LW Paschall and his wife Mary founded Paschall Truck Lines (PTL) in Murray, Kentucky, in 1937. Paschall started his trucking business with a 1936 Ford truck, and he hauled “everything he could just to earn his life “.

Over time, the business began to prosper, and Paschall began hauling general cargo between Murray and Louisville, Kentucky, as well as between St. Louis and Memphis.

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) began regulating the trucking industry in 1935, so until Paschall sold the company and retired in 1973, he had to deal with the ICC when he s was to add routes or freight types.

Prior to the sale of the business, it had 35 employees and more than 100 pieces of transportation equipment.

The Motor Carrier Act of 1980 deregulated the trucking industry when legislation was signed into law by President Carter on July 1, 1980. By 1982, PTL was providing truckload service to the 31 easternmost states; by 1986, the company offered service throughout the continental United States, as well as Canada and Mexico.

This PTL photo emphasizes that the company is owned by its employees.  (Photo: Pascal's Facebook page)
This PTL photo emphasizes that the company is owned by its employees. (Photo: Pascal’s Facebook page)

Employee share ownership plan

Some 40 years after the sale of the company by its founder, Paschall Truck Lines has experienced another major change. On October 29, 2013, 100% of the company’s shares were transferred to its employees under an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

This step was taken to “preserve local ownership of PTL within the community of Murray and further strengthen its future”. With the ESOP, “the future of the company” was placed “in the hands of its employees, drivers and non-drivers”. The action also ensured that each individual owner is “personally invested in their success”.

A PTL semi-trailer.  (Photo: Tony Brown/Paschall Facebook page)
A PTL semi-trailer. (Photo: Tony Brown/Paschall Facebook page)

Pascal Logistics

Just over two years after the ESOP, the company created its own third party logistics (3PL) division – Paschall Logistics. This happened in December 2015, as company management realized the benefits a 3PL could bring to the supply chain.

Like PTL, Paschall Logistics is 100% employee owned. Working with more than 7,000 partner carriers, and with more than 20 employees and four offices, Paschall Logistics has established itself “as a leading provider of asset-based 3PL and capacity solutions”.

A Paschall Logistics truck drives through beautiful countryside.  (Photo:
A Paschall Logistics truck drives through beautiful countryside. (Photo:

Transmission and distribution company

Interstate Personnel Services, Inc. (IPS), the parent company of Paschall Truck Lines, announced the acquisition of Transport Distribution Company (TDC), a Joplin, MO-based dry truck carrier in July 2021.

Founded by Larry Kloeppel, TDC has been in business since 1985. In announcing the acquisition, IPS cited the quality of TDC’s drivers and staff, the company’s excellent safety profile and its strong relationships with the customers as the main reasons for the acquisition. “The TDC continues to be led by its President Regan Stephens. TDC operates independently under the IPS umbrella, will retain its name, and continue to focus on providing premium regional service to customers in the Midwest and Central United States. TDC’s regional coverage, focus on safety, delivering top-notch service, a disciplined management style and a family culture are exactly what we seek as we build and scale global capacity solutions for U.S. full truckload shippers.

A Transport Distribution tractor.  (Photo:
A Transport Distribution tractor. (Photo:

IPS President and CEO Dave Gibbs said at the time of the acquisition: “We believe this should be a very positive transaction with minimal revenue turnover, with TDC retaining its name and management team. current. Our goal is and will be to help Regan and his team drive benefits through scale advantages and certain synergies. »

Commenting on the acquisition, Stephens said, “It was time for some members of our family to step down from TDC, and the geographic fit was perfect between our companies. Dave Gibbs had my confidence not only because I had met him before, but he continued to gain confidence from day one of our negotiations, and the fact that our TDC employees were able to be part of an ESOP was a big advantage. The reasons that make this right for our people kept piling up.

Paschall’s service offerings

Today, Paschall provides a number of services to its customers, including:

Full truck

PTL’s asset-based fleet includes more than 1,100 tractors and 3,200 trailers. The company is able to provide capacity and coverage in much of the lower 48 states, allowing it to add value to customers’ supply chain network.

All of Paschall’s trailers are equipped with Skybitz tracking capabilities; freight shipments can be accurately located and tracked 24/7/365.


Paschall’s fleet of 1,100 asset-based trucks includes more than 70 teams operating coast-to-coast. They provide just-in-time delivery for critical customer shipments.

A parked PTL semi-trailer. (Photo: Pascal’s Facebook page)


Through its regional fleets, PTL offers same-day or next-day service for shipments throughout most of the eastern half of the United States. These fleets are based in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Memphis, Dallas and Laredo.

The company’s regional fleets are located to support most routes within 450 miles. They can handle high volume repetitive moves as well as urgent and critical shipping needs.

Dedicated partnerships

Paschall provides local, regional and national dedicated fleet services to its customers. Its dedicated fleets offer customers the same control and high-quality service of a private fleet – without the cost of ownership, liability and hassle.

The company’s dedicated fleets are suitable for many industries, including but not limited to manufacturing, retail, and food and beverage. Partnering with leading companies in many industries, PTL offers equipment-based or power-only solutions to support any fleet.


PTL is a leader in providing cross-border services between the United States and Mexico. The company has 25 years of cross-border experience, a range of facilities and bilingual staff at major crossing points.

The company offers solo and expedited team service between points in the United States and Mexico. It also provides reliable door-to-door trucking service to border crossings in Brownsville, El Paso, Laredo, McAllen and Pharr, Texas.

Pascal Logistics

The Paschall Logistics division offers coverage throughout North America for dry van, climate control, flatbed and LTL modes. Managing an extensive network of contracted partner carriers, Paschall Logistics provides long-term, on-time contractual transactional services to its customers.

Rental of storage trailers

PTL Rentals serves storage and trucking trailer needs in the Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, and Western Kentucky and Tennessee markets. Its fleet consists of late model 53′ dry trailers with swing doors.

Company storage trailers are to be used for storage only, but may occasionally be moved from location to location to facilitate loading and unloading for customers. These trailers are not maintained to DOT standards and are intended for storage purposes only.

Trucking trailers are maintained to DOT standards and can be used in the local trucking service. Even though these trailers are DOT compliant, the trailer service area is limited to a 100-mile radius from the company’s rental locations.

PTL Rentals offers a delivery service and a pick-up service at an additional cost.

A PTL ad that applies to drivers and customers.  (Photo: Pascal's Facebook page)
A PTL ad that applies to drivers and customers. (Photo: Pascal’s Facebook page)

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