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French air traffic control will benefit from FREQUENTIS and CS GROUP voice communications: French air navigation service provider DSNA awarded Frequentis and CS GROUP a 20-year contract for the supply of a primary and backup IP radio / telephone voice communication system (VCS) for 14 approaches and tower air traffic control (ATC) main control centers. CS GROUP is the group’s representative for the large project and Frequentis is co-contractor. DSNA provides air navigation services to nine regional centers in mainland France and to several overseas centers in charge of ATC approach and tower control. The VCS system will be deployed at 14 sites located in mainland France (including Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris Orly, Strasbourg among others) and certain French overseas territories. Bordeaux will be the first center to be equipped. Frequentis will supply its market-leading VCS3020X for the main VCS while CS GROUP will supply its innovative solution, CSoIP (Communication and Security over IP), for the back-up VCS. The two integrated secure IP-based VCS solutions comply with EUROCAE ED 137. The primary and backup VCS will use the new full IP transceivers deployed in France. The scope of the contract includes design, supply and maintenance, with a unique functionality that allows the controller to seamlessly operate the same radio frequencies and channels in primary and backup mode.

Frequentis signs an agreement with Indra to digitize the EUROCONTROL system: Frequentis will partner with Indra for the development of EUROCONTROL Integrated Operational Airspace Data (iOAD) digital products. This agreement follows the selection by EUROCONTROL of Indra and its partners to carry out the digital transformation of its operational systems. The iNM program will implement a range of innovative digital products enabling EUROCONTROL to maximize efficiency, safety and sustainability. This program will replace all current EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) operational systems with new digital products that leverage big data, artificial intelligence / machine learning and cloud computing. The development of iNM digital products will be the responsibility of Indra and its partners and will result in a new digital architecture that will harness the power of innovation, enabling NM to deliver ever more integrated business products and services to its customers. stakeholders.

Frequentis and Unmanned Experts join NASA’s air mobility project: As low-level air traffic over urban cities prepares to increase, Frequentis, a global provider of control center communications, and Unmanned Experts, a global specialist in autonomous robotics, join the NASA project. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The two companies will add their unique expertise to this mission, which aims to support emerging unmanned aviation markets to continue working on the integration of air taxis, which require electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), cargo delivery planes and other new air vehicles. concepts in the United States national airspace system. NASA’s AAM project will support the safe development of an air transportation system that will move people and goods between places previously unserved or underserved by aviation, using unmanned and autonomous eVTOL aircraft. revolutionaries who are barely realizing their potential. The project includes work on urban air mobility (UAM) and will bring substantial benefits to US industry and the public. The AAM project mainly aims to help the UAM ecosystem to reach a level of maturity and to provide collaborative and responsive automation. Frequentis, with nearly 75 years of experience in safety critical communications, offers a complete UTM solution that includes airspace management, automatic and manual flight approval, operator and drone registry, as well as other functions of altitude, capacity and surveillance management, and integration with ATM. quality sensor fusion and multilateration capabilities. Unmanned Experts Inc. is a leading global expert in the emerging fields of Autonomous Robotics, Swarms, UTM and Mass Data, as well as considerable experience in the traditional fields of unmanned aircraft systems. .

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