Hidden camera shows thief stealing bag and shoes outside Christchurch home

A brazen thief walked down an alley in Christchurch’s most expensive suburb, before making off with a bag of glass jars and an old pair of trainers.

The footage was captured on a doorbell camera at a property in Fendalton and shows an opportunistic thief will take almost anything, given the chance.

Wearing a cap, hi-vis top and sweatpants, the man nonchalantly approaches the Stratford St property at around 3pm Thursday.

The only clue to his intentions is the face covering, but to a casual observer it could be a Covid-19 precaution.

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When he reaches the front door, he takes a moment to assess the scene before picking up the paper bag of glass jars.

Then – almost as an afterthought – he also takes the running shoes, before calmly walking away.

The pots were outside because they were distributed on Facebook Marketplace.

The thief looks inside the bag on Christchurch property before stealing it and a pair of running shoes.


The thief looks inside the bag on Christchurch property before stealing it and a pair of running shoes.

A neighbor whose hidden camera recorded the footage said she was surprised at how brazen the thief looked.

“What’s weird is that it was just a bag of glass jars that the neighbor had made available to someone,” she said.

“He just walked in and looked at the bag and picked it up and the running shoes and walked away.”

The man leaves after taking the bag and the shoes.


The man leaves after taking the bag and the shoes.

“What he took wasn’t of great value, but people need to be aware that there are opportunistic thieves out there who will come and take things from your front door.”

A courier van came into the driveway to deliver a package less than 10 minutes early, she said. It’s possible the man saw the van and came to see if there was any delivery left.

A police spokesperson said where possible people should have their packages delivered to a location where someone will be home to receive them or to a work address.

“If you have door-to-door deliveries, make sure you’re home to sign for them, or have a safe place where they can be left,” he said.

“Make sure your delivery instructions are clear and ask that packages are not placed outside your front door or above a mailbox in an apartment building.”

The police also advise:

  • If you are not at home when the package is delivered, arrange to collect it from the depot or have it forwarded to the address of a trusted person.
  • Be smart when disposing of wrappers, so passers-by can’t see if you’ve purchased expensive items.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the police, for example; if you see a car following a courier van, or an unexpected visitor knocking on your door asking for someone you don’t know.
  • If you see suspicious activity, such as people loitering around vehicles or looking out of car windows, contact the police immediately by dialing 111.

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