Intel issues the first purchase order to ASML for the delivery of the TWINSCAN EXE:5200 system

(RTTNews) – Dutch chipmaker ASML Holding NV (ASML) and Intel Corporation (INTC) announced on Wednesday that Intel has issued its first purchase order to ASML for the delivery of the TWINSCAN EXE:5200 system. Financial terms of the purchase order, which is part of the two parties’ High-NA long-term collaboration framework, were not disclosed.

Ann Kelleher, General Manager of Technology Development at Intel, commented: “…Working closely with ASML, we will leverage high resolution modeling of high NA EUV as one way to pursue Moore’s Law. and to maintain our strong history of progressing down to the smallest of geometries.”

The TWINSCAN EXE:5200 system is a high-volume extreme ultraviolet (EUV) production system with a high numerical aperture and a productivity of over 200 wafers per hour.

Intel was the first to purchase the legacy TWINSCAN EXE:5000 system in 2018, and with this announced new purchase, the collaboration continues Intel’s production manufacturing path with High-NA EUV from 2025.

The EXE platform is an evolutionary step in EUV technology and features a new optics design and significantly faster reticle and wafer stages.

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