Jarosław Śliwa (Cargus) will be a speaker at re:FOCUS on e-commerce, retail and logistics

Jarosław Śliwa, CEO of Cargus, will be a speaker at the upcoming 2022 edition of BR re:FOCUS on eCommerce, Retail & Logistics. He will be part of the first panel of the day, dedicated to e-commerce and the messaging industry, starting at 11am.

Jarosław is the CEO of Cargus, one of the leading courier, express courier and parcel service providers in Romania. He has over 20 years of experience in the courier, express and parcel (CEP) markets with a particular focus on Poland and Romania. Previously he spent 15 years Siodemka, of which for 7 years he acted as COO and 6 years as CEO. Under his direction, Siodemka has become one of the most important players in the Polish CEP market. Jarosław is a performance-driven leader who transformed the companies he led to achieve excellence in service performance.

As online commerce has gradually evolved and adapts more and more effectively to the pace of society and consumer behavior, while lack of time has become a common problem for people, making bank transfers, issuing physical invoices or making cash payments with more or less tedious practical tasks, Cargus has recently launched a new payment for deliveries Pay by link, a method to pay without cash, further simplifying the online shopping process and creating a variety of contactless payment solutions for recipients.

“Consumers are increasingly sophisticated and expect us, service providers, to provide them with innovative, fast and secure solutions that will simplify their experiences and save them valuable time. This is why they are increasingly interested in digital payments, based on a contactless card or digital wallet, applications or online links and expect to have as many such payment solutions as possible. for their bills.

Investments in technology and electronic means of payment – ​​payment by link and PIN on glass – allow us to offer our customers a more pleasant and efficient experience, both online and offline. Recipients can now collect ramburs packages directly from the Ship & Go network, paying quickly and securely, either on the spot or before they reach collection points. Thus, thanks to the payment by link, we manage to transform the payment into a simple detail, rather than a fee charged during the process of purchasing the products,” says Jaroslaw Sliwa, CEO Cargus.

Learn more about the Romanian courier industry, directly from Jarosław Śliwa and a host of excellent speakers, on Thursday, February 10, onsite at the Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest Floreasca, or online, streamed live at Facebook, LinkedInand Youtube.

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