Kia and Coupang will develop an electric truck by 2025

Kia and Coupang sign an agreement to jointly develop an electric truck. (Kia)

South Korean automaker Kia and last-mile delivery service company Coupang announced on Friday that they signed an agreement on Wednesday to develop all-electric vehicles for cargo delivery.

The two companies plan to launch mid-size and large electric utility vans by 2025, with better storage, efficiency and safety than Coupang’s current one-ton cargo truck.

Kia said it will use its experience and technology in the automotive sector to offer various solutions and services requested by Coupang to offer vehicles suitable for delivery services.

The vehicle is likely to have sliding doors and lighter shelving, among other technical improvements, to improve work efficiency for delivery workers, Coupang said.

According to Kia, purpose-built vehicles will use a “skateboard” chassis as the basis for the battery-powered vehicle architecture. Kia and Coupang also plan to work on charging infrastructure and test autonomous driving vehicles.

“We hope to make greater achievements in delivery efficiency, safety and convenience through cooperation with Kia,” a Coupang official said.

Kia said the deal was a step towards its goal of becoming the global market leader in bespoke vehicles by 2030.

“We will continue to offer various PBVs to our logistics and retail customers, and enhance competitiveness in the global PBV industry,” Kia said in a statement.

By Hong Yoo ([email protected])

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