Local logistics association criticizes “unfair treatment” by Zhuhai transport authorities

Zhuhai transportation authorities should reform their current “unfair treatment” in cross-border transportation and lack of communication channels during the pandemic outbreak, the director of the International Logistics Association and Macao Transit Officer, Victor Lei Kuok Fai, to the Macao News Agency.

The Zhuhai government announced on June 20 that it would again apply a “list management” measure for cross-border truck drivers, stipulating that drivers and trucks from the Zhuhai site would be registered on a “guaranteed transport list”. by three public companies. including Nam Kwong, Nam Yue and Nam Kei, with other cross-border trucks and drivers to be registered in another “unsecured transport list”.

Drivers on the “guaranteed transportation list” are placed under closed-loop management and exempt from quarantine during the period, while others not on the list must be quarantined unless their exemption requests of compulsory isolation are approved.

The association’s director criticized that Zhuhai transport authorities never communicated clearly with the SAR government and Macao’s logistics industry before implementing pandemic prevention measures, causing “a lot of confusion” every time a pandemic outbreak begins.

“In every pandemic outbreak in the past three years, the Zhuhai government has not included trucks and drivers from Macao’s cross-border logistics industry in the quarantine exemption list,” Lei said. , “and we can only be exempted from isolation after the SAR government and our association had strongly requested it.

“I really don’t know whether this measure is only for the Zhuhai government to better manage its own city, or for the cooperation between Zhuhai and Macao, I have huge doubts about it,” the director added. ‘association.

Meanwhile, the logistics industry representative pointed out that the Zhuhai government has not considered the normal transportation needs between the two neighboring cities, as only one land port is open for cross-border trucks and drivers who are not on “Unsecured Carriage”. listing”.

The Zhuhai government noted in the guidelines that drivers and trucks registered on the “guaranteed transport list” by Nam Kwong, Nam Yue and Nam Kei, are allowed to enter and exit Gongbei Port, Hong Kong Bridge. -Zhuhai-Macao, from Zhuhai Port, the exclusive port of entry for Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Border Industrial Zone and Hengqin Port, for the transfer of some specified daily necessities and dangerous goods.

However, only one land port – Zhuhai Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge – is open to cross-border truck drivers who are not on the list, and all cross-border trucks are required to install a satellite positioning device. to follow their movements. route routes.

The director of the logistics association added that Zhuhai authorities have affected normal cross-border transportation and failed to establish an effective two-way communication channel.

The also managing director of Victor Pacific Service Ltd. pointed out that the interaction with the Zhuhai government is “still very unpleasant”, and the process of communication between the mainland city and the SAR on cross-border logistics issues is generally more of a “one-sided two-sided announcement of Zhuhai “.

The businessman told MNA that whenever the association tries to negotiate with the Zhuhai side, responses “always come slowly” due to the different departments involved.

“The Zhuhai Commerce Department is the main communication channel for us, but they can’t control [the decisions made by] the Zhuhai Department of Transportation,” Lei pointed out.

“We don’t want power, we don’t want preferential policies, we just want to serve the citizens of mainland China and Macau”

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