Ministers give green light to new truck driving apprenticeship

The Morrison government has paved the way for a new apprenticeship in truck driving, following calls from the transportation and logistics industry for a nationally agreed qualification.

The new national apprenticeship program, Certificate III in Driving Operations, will see the industry, in collaboration with states and territories, develop a truck driving apprenticeship for the first time after the approval of a new framework by the ministers of federal, state and territory jurisdiction.

Each state and territory will now consider adding apprenticeship to their training programs, with existing Commonwealth funding for apprenticeship and training disbursing as soon as they do so.

The idea was first presented to the industry in a consultation document released by Australian Industry Standards in September and received overwhelming support.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said any new national trucking apprenticeship was a critical step in addressing a potential trucking workforce shortage while meeting supply chain needs.

“Australia’s economic recovery relies on the thousands of men and women who drive trucks across the country every day,” said the Prime Minister.

“Our trucking industry is the lifeblood of our economy and there couldn’t be more important work than putting food on the table for millions of families or delivering Covid-19 vaccines to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. across Australia.

“Right now we have a record number of trades apprentices in place with over 220,000 Australians being trained for new employment opportunities. “

Jobs, Workforce, Skills, Small Business and Family Business Minister Stuart Robert said the new trucking apprenticeship was an example of the Morrison government’s commitment to create new opportunities for Australians to take control of their careers and grow through their skills.

“The new apprenticeships in trucking come at a time when the government is providing record amounts of support for apprentices and trainees, which has seen hundreds of thousands of Australians upgrade or retrain through JobTrainer, TAFE funding and apprenticeship funding, ”said Minister Robert.

“By providing an additional avenue to get skills and keep our economy running, today’s announcement is further confirmation that the Morrison government is the best friend an apprentice has ever had.

“The Morrison government will spend a record $ 7.1 billion this year alone on skills and training, providing real learning.”

Deputy Minister of Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz said the new learning path will help raise the professionalism of the transport industry and attract new workers.

“The transport industry is the lifeblood that keeps Australia moving and supplied, Australia stops without our hard working truck drivers, it is that simple,” said the deputy minister Buchholz.

“Truck driving is about more than just shifting gears and unloading, by providing a national driver training framework, our future truck drivers will have advanced skills across the profession, such as the constraints of load, transport of dangerous goods and pre-departure inspection.

“This is a new approach to ensuring our transport industry has the workforce of the future and provides young Australians with the opportunity to have a career, not just a job, in an industry. rewarding.

“The Commonwealth has led the nation on this and we will continue to work with State and Territory Skills Ministers to ensure they step up the rollout of this exciting new learning path for the next generation of truck drivers.” Australian professionals. “

The Transportation and Logistics Industry Reference Committee finalized the updates to Certificate III in Conduct of Operations and nationally agreed improvements were recommended for delivery as apprenticeship, subject to the agreement of states and territories.

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