Morelle asks Transportation Secretary to waive CDL requirement for school bus drivers in times of shortage

On hiring more school bus drivers, Morelle said CDL’s current requirements should not stand in the way of hiring more drivers.

“We’re not going to reduce the requirements for child safety or child transportation, but if you have to be able to look under the hood of a semi-trailer, you know a semi-trailer and do a bit of a job. ‘interview, I’ I don’t know why this would be a necessary requirement for school bus drivers, ”Morelle said.

Morelle contacted Secretary Pete Buttigieg, asking him to review the waiver request.

“I hope we hear from the secretary’s office, otherwise of course we will follow through, but we want to do everything possible to ensure safety, but also to make sure that we have enough people to transport the young people,” he said. Morelle declared. .

News10NBC also asked Morelle about President Biden’s new vaccine mandates that were announced Thursday. Morelle shares the President’s growing frustrations.

“We want to end the pandemic and the national emergency, and as there seems to be real reluctance, I think stronger action may be needed,” Morelle said.

The mandate requires all employers with more than 100 employees to ensure that they are all fully vaccinated or test negative for COVID-19 at least once a week.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce chairman Bob Duffy said vaccination mandates should not be imposed on businesses.

“Where it is really an individual’s responsibility to do either, or get vaccinated, or wear a mask and protect themselves and others,” Duffy said.

Morelle added, “If the company has a federal contract and chooses not to have a mandate in place, the only way to punish people who don’t live up to the mandate is to sanction the company and say you can’t. not doing business with the federal government. “

Despite the shortage, First Student, one of RCSD’s subcontractors, reports that it is seeing an increase in demands for drivers. He says he’s taking more applications and urges anyone interested to apply. Click here to apply.

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