New Household Goods Delivery Service Comes To DC

The company co-founder estimates that the average person consumes 50 pounds of cardboard waste each year.

WASHINGTON DC, DC – If you’ve ever ordered a pencil set online and it was delivered to your door in a box that could fit a microwave, you might have wondered if there is a greener way. to meet your pencil needs.

Enter ‘The sweeps‘which is a unique amalgamation of Amazon meets the 1950s slag.

“We’ve been in DC for almost three months now and DC has been amazing,” said The Rounds co-founder Alex Torrey.

“The Rounds is a zero-waste recharge and delivery service for the items you use every day. The Basics,” Torrey said. “Household personal care, pantry, baby, pet. We deliver it to your doorstep with zero packaging waste.”

This is how it works. Suppose I need a box of spaghetti, a roll of toilet paper, a bag of coffee, and a kitchen sponge. You would place an online order for these items through The Rounds and on an agreed day the items would be delivered on an electric bicycle.

The items you ordered would come off or be in a mason jar. So your coffee and pasta would be in a jar while your toilet paper and sponge would have no packaging.

The next time you have items delivered, you’ll simply leave the empty mason jars at your doorstep and The Rounds delivery driver will pick them up.

“So think of it like a modern day slag for all the essentials in your home,” Torrey said.

“This is an extremely low trash delivery. The fact that I’m not going to get stuck with a bunch of mason jars at home because they will come and pick up the empty ones,” said Alana Stolnitz, a resident of Georgetown.

The Rounds have only been operating in Washington for several months after a successful test in Philadelphia.

“I would say a typical day for each cyclist on a bicycle is around forty,” said delivery driver Zeke Van Patten when asked for his average number of daily deliveries.

Van Patten joined The Rounds four months ago.

“I think it’s really cool. I think with everyone now more environmentally conscious and trying to make individual consumption decisions to reduce their impact, I think it’s really exciting and empowering to seeing companies take responsibility as well, ”Van Patten said.

“What makes us so sustainable is the effectiveness of our model. Our mission is to make effortless, everyday sustainable choices for everyone,” said Torrey. “I don’t know when our work will be finished, but certainly not in three months. It’s going to take a lot longer than that, but it’s really about how to continue to grow responsibly and sustainably.”

At this time, delivery service is only available in certain parts of DC

“We have a very efficient model. That’s part of what makes it green. We are growing responsibly and we are growing very quickly and have a lot of exciting projects to be available in more places soon,” Torrey said. .

Find out more about Les Rondes HERE.

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