New York officials discuss new law to protect delivery drivers

A roundtable was held at City Hall on Monday to discuss a new law to protect delivery drivers in New York City.

Community members and elected officials met with the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, Vilda Vera Mayuga, who expressed the inconvenience faced by delivery drivers in the city and the solution to help them .

Vera-Mayuga recently announced that starting April 22, delivery people delivering restaurant orders for third-party food delivery apps will be able to choose the distance they want to travel, the routes they want to take, and receive a weekly paycheck, as well as an insulated delivery bag offered after six deliveries. She added that applications must be upfront about the pay drivers will receive and the fees that will be deducted.

“Last year and over the years, we have received many concerns, many questions, many complaints about the lack of protection for these delivery drivers,” Vera Mayuga said. “We know that, especially over the last two years during the pandemic, these have been essential. We know they will continue to be there while some of us were in the comfort of our homes. They were there and were exposing themselves during his deliveries. We also have a minimum wage study that we’re doing right now, and that minimum wage will come into effect in January 2023.”

News 12 has learned that this new law will only protect third-party delivery drivers, including undocumented immigrants, who drive for a food application.

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