NUR student launches beverage delivery service on campus

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Shiva Kittusamy says he thought of the idea in 2019 while sitting in a summer class at UNLV. He was trying to order a coffee but wasn’t sure if the delivery guy could come to campus.

“If I used any of the current platforms like Uber Eats, Door Dash, they wouldn’t find me. I would have to risk trying to find them in a dodgy neighborhood,” Kittusamy said.

His startup, AYCE Deliveryaims to change that by delivering drinks to students on campus.

“If I’m at the library and want my coffee delivered to me or my drink delivered to us, I can just order it and a student will bring it to me because they know where everything is on campus.”

Kittusamy launched the AYCE Delivery website last month and it quickly took off.

“[It] was just crazy for me because I was like, ‘Oh my god, my idea that I had for a while and my team was working on finally came to fruition,'” Kittusamy said.

AYCE Delivery has partnered with a new cafe across from campus, Buzzed Coffee.

Owner Kyle Jennings said it was Kittusamy’s drive and bold ideas that convinced him to strike a deal creating drinks for the new service.

“You know how to deliver to the library, second table, guy in the red shirt, that’s kind of the next level,” Jennings said.

Buzzed Coffee provides the drinks and AYCE delivers. Both owners say it’s the perfect match.

“I wanted him to be the craftsman, but ultimately let’s add our little twist,” Jennings said.

With Buzzed Coffee right next door, students delivering won’t need to use a car. Kittusamy says it was important for her company to prioritize environmentally friendly transportation using bicycles and scooters.

“Freshmen, like in the dorms, who don’t have a car and want to have a job and they can’t find a job on campus, this is a great opportunity for them to earn money. money and it’s very flexible,” Kittusamy said. .

While some might be skeptical of a student-run company, Kittusamy says that’s what sets them apart.

“We really think the students who work for us give us an advantage with on-campus deliveries because they have knowledge on campus.”

“You don’t feel like a stranger to the person you’re delivering to,” said Navleen Khera, Creative Director at AYCE Delivery.

Khera says this startup aims to empower young people.

“You don’t have to wait until you have an opportunity. If you have the passion, go for it.

“I really want to see AYCE take off…and even if it doesn’t, I want there to be an impact here at NUR and in the wider Reno community,” Kittusamy said.

The AYCE Delivery team hopes to have a working application by the fall semester.

You can check out their website here:

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