NYK welcomes new LNG-powered ro-ro vessel

The Japanese shipping company NYK has received Chief Plumeria, a new ro-ro ship that can run entirely on liquefied natural gas.

Chief Plumeria will have the capacity to carry approximately 7,000 standard vehicle equivalent units per trip.

The ship was built at Shin Kurushima Toyohashi Shipbuilding in Japan.

NYK expects the LNG-powered carrier to be about 40% more energy efficient than vessels using conventional heavy fuel oil engines.

It is also expected to reduce sulfur oxide emissions by approximately 99% and nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 86%.

NYK said in a statement that it has set a long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050 and is positioning LNG fuel as a bridging solution until future zero emissions vessels become a reality.

“As technology innovation advances, NYK will aim to replace zero-emission vessels using low-emission marine fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia,” the company said.

Chief Plumeria is the second of two LNG-fueled carriers operating under NYK, the first of which, Chief Sakura, was built in 2020.

By 2028, NYK plans to have expanded its fleet to include 20 new LNG-powered vessels.

NYK General Manager Takaya Soga and Toyota Motor Corporation TPS Group General Manager Kyogo Onoue attended a delivery ceremony for the latest addition.

“The ship was named Chief Plumeria to express our wish to achieve and convey a rich global environment through eco-friendly transportation and leave beautiful flowers in the future,” NYK said in the statement.

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