NZ Post increases delivery capacity to ensure Kiwis get their packages before Christmas

NZ Post has increased its capacity to help deliver packages during the Christmas rush.

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NZ Post has increased its capacity to help deliver packages during the Christmas rush.

New Zealand Post has increased its parcel delivery capacity and says New Zealanders are expected to spend nearly $ 440 million on online purchases in the coming weeks.

“As retail restrictions have eased in Auckland, the number of parcels sent remains at unprecedented levels,” said Bryan Dobson, director of customer service for NZ Post.

NZ Post’s eCommerce Spotlight report shows Kiwis spent $ 765 million online in October alone, up 71% from October 2020 and the largest month on record for purchases in line.

The average shopper bought something online at least once a week in October 2021, and shoppers spent $ 25 million online every day, on average, for the 31 days of October.

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This huge demand for online shopping has led NZ Post to deliver more than 2 million packages each week, Dobson said.

In Auckland, New Zealand Post has seen demand for online shopping reach astronomical heights – online spending more than doubled compared to October 2020.

In response to demand, NZ Post has grown from 440,000 packages per week in Auckland to over 760,000.

“We made 1.2 million more deliveries to Auckland in October compared to last year, resulting in our customers generating additional sales of $ 134 million,” said Dobson.

And with the busy online shopping days of Singles Day, Black Friday, and Cyber ​​Monday, Dobson doesn’t expect demand to drop anytime soon.

“Early forecasts for upcoming Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales show that we expect Kiwis to spend close to $ 440 million online over the next two weeks.


Auckland’s lockdown and its growing demand for parcel deliveries have NZ Post on the brink of collapse.

“We’ve recruited hundreds more people, we’ve extended our hours of operation and are handling 24/7, and we’ve redesigned our Auckland network to get packages to where they need to be as quickly as possible. . “

The posties also help the couriers.

“We put in as much additional capacity as possible and our performance has improved. About half of our packages are now delivered on time to Auckland and Hamilton, where we have seen the most volume, but some packages in those areas are still experiencing delays of up to four or five days.

“Deliveries go more smoothly in the rest of the country, with most packages delivered on time, but some packages are a day late. “

Dobson has said New Zealanders will be keen to do their Christmas shopping in-store as retail restrictions are easing now, but for those planning to do most of their shopping online, he has a few tips for getting started. ensure everyone’s purchases arrive on time and not get stuck in a backlog:

  • Take note of the Christmas deadlines for sending gifts nationwide at and send as soon as possible
  • Some of the overseas sending deadlines have already passed – and others are fast approaching – find out before sending
  • Anticipate, start planning what you want and need to buy now
  • Make a list of what you need so that you can place fewer and larger orders and lower your shipping costs.
  • Consider buying in bulk the items you usually buy online monthly or weekly in one larger order that can be shipped in one go.

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