Olympian Mirabai Chanu rewards truck drivers who gave her free lifts during training days

Guwahati: Gratitude is one of the most beautiful emotions, which reminds us to be grateful and grateful to the people who have been there for us through difficult times. Demonstrating the same, Mirabai Chanu, who won India’s first medal at the current Tokyo Olympics, now thanks everyone who helped her dream come true. Notably, Chanu made history by winning a silver medal in the 49kg women’s weightlifting event with a total lift of 202kg.Also Read – Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Mirabai Chanu meets family after 2 years and shares touching note

As you may know, Chanu has not had it easy. His village, Nongpok Kakching, was about 30 km from Imphal Sports Academy and public transport was difficult to find. Coming from a disadvantaged family, private transport was not an option anyway. Thus, she used to hitchhike with truck drivers who transported sand to Imphal. These truck drivers regularly gave Mirabai Chanu free transportation to his training academy.

Without forgetting their precious help, Chanu found these Good Samaritans and congratulated them. According to an NDTV report, she gave around 150 truck drivers and helpers a shirt, a Manipuri scarf and a full lunch. She even became emotional as she thanked the truck drivers for their contribution to her successful trip.

She added that her dream of becoming a weightlifter would not have been realized without the truckers who helped her travel to train.

“I wanted to see the truckers who regularly transported me from my home to the training center and ask for their blessing. They really helped me during my tough times in training. I am looking for these sand truckers so that I can try to give them any help they might need now, ”she previously told Hindustan Times.

The free rides helped Mirabai and her family save on transportation costs, and instead, the money went into her diet during her training days as a teenager.

Netizens were shocked at such a kind and thoughtful gesture and praised Chanu. One user wrote: “Mirabhai, you haven’t forgotten anyone, including those who were a part of your life journey. A big touching gesture on your part. God’s blessings remain with you and you will be an inspiration to many not only in sport but also to mankind.

What a touching story!

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