On Election Day, this new tool helped expedite the delivery of voting results in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – New technology used on Election Day has made it possible to provide voting results in more remote areas in minutes.

The state office of elections launched the remote muster system for the first time on Tuesday and said it was working.

The technology made it possible to transmit the results “directly to the center of the county”, Chief Electoral Officer Scott Nago said.

In previous elections, after polls closed, ballots from Molokai and Lanai had to be flown to Maui for processing. And on the island of Hawaii, ballots had to be transported from Kona to Hilo, where the service center is located.

All of this was delaying the results for those counties on election night.

But on Tuesday, the state was able to bypass that process.

State Senator Lynn Decoite, who represents Molokai, Lanai and parts of Maui, praised the technology.

“I like to see results faster, like everyone else,” she said. “As long as the precision is there, I don’t see why not.”

Ballots were still airlifted or transported to service centers for security.

This ensures that the ballots are there if needed. The state election office said it plans to use Remote Rally in the future and may expand the service if pop-up polls are open on Election Day.

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