Provides delivery service in Indonesia, Wehelpyou introduces the concept of digital orchestrator

Jakarta, Indonesia, Jun 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PT Solusi Layanan Digital, through its mobile app called Wehelpyou, introduced the concept of Digital Service Orchestrator in Indonesia. Running since 2019, Wehelpyou has launched its new features called Wehelpyou Eat and Sell.

Wehelpyou Digital Orchestrator press conference – June 4, 2021. From left to right: Ryo Limijaya, Chief Commercial Wehelpyou; Almiranti Fira, Online Business Owner; Muhamad Noor Sutrisno, CEO and Founder of Wehelpyou; Andreas Sugian, Lalamove Business Development Manager; Rudi Cahyadi, Marketing Communication Manager TIKI.

“Through Wehelpyou Eat and Sell, we are committed to providing a platform for the development of small and medium-sized businesses to meet new potential customers. These have always been the main focus of Wehelpyou since the boom small and medium-sized businesses at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic “, opens Ryo Limijaya, commercial director of Wehelpyou.

Carrying the concept of a single app for all product, food and other goods delivery needs, Wehelpyou asserts its existence as an app-based digital service provider.

“We dream of making all digital services that are already easy, even easier. The development of information technologies allows us to create new business models, which are business to business for customers. This is what we do at Wehelpyou ”, said Muhamad Noor Sutrisno, founder and CEO of Wehelpyou.

Through the Digital Orchestrator concept, Wehelpyou continues to expand its partnership to provide the best delivery services to its users. Collaboration with delivery partners is also aimed at providing various features and services. GrabExpress, MrSpeedy, Westbike Messenger, TIKI and Lalamove are collaborations designed to provide delivery features such as instant and same day delivery. Meanwhile, to extend the delivery network to the outside Jakarta, Wehelpyou collaborates with TIKI, JNE, Ninja xpress, and SiCepat.

This collaboration is warmly welcomed by the partners thanks to their common vision of simplifying daily life by offering solutions, affordable prices and convenience, both for customers and partners and by continuing to follow the latest trends and situations. . Ever-changing online shopping trends are forcing delivery service companies to stay dynamic and innovate. These also attract partners to collaborate with Wehelpyou as a company that continues to be open to innovation.

“With online shopping trends constantly changing, we believe that having a dynamic partner is very important in the development of delivery services. This is what we see in Wehelpyou, so that we can continue to provide the best services that meet the needs of the community. »Said Andreas Sugian, Head of Business Development at LALAMOVE

Not only Lalamove, but GrabExpress as a partner of Wehelpyou also said that this collaboration is considered very effective. “Our continued collaboration with Wehelpyou enables us to create efficiency, productivity and ease of mobility for the logistical needs of the Indonesian people. We want to be the on-demand delivery service of choice for governments, consumers and online sellers across the archipelago. . Through Wehelpyou, people will have access to GrabExpress which provides fast and reliable logistics services. At the same time, we also continue to optimize income opportunities for our partners drivers, deliverers and traders ”, concluded Tyas Widyastuti, Director of 2 Wheels. & Logistics, Grab Indonesia.

Almiranti Fira (Instagram: @almirantifira), owner of an Instagram-based online business known as Fira, also said that choosing a delivery service for his delivery needs is very important because it is one of the ways that an online business meets its customers. There are other points to consider when choosing a delivery service, including the affordability of the shipping costs offered. According to Fira, this point is important because it affects the number of daily deliveries that can be made.

“The current trend is for people to order to arrive on the same day. This is because a lot of people want to have the experience of shopping online but don’t want to wait long to be able to use the purchased items,” Fira explained. . “As a seller, of course, we want our customers to get the best experience when shopping, so that besides the quality of the products we offer must be the best, but also how the products can arrive and be fine. received by customers, ”concludes Fira.

About Wehelpyou

Wehelpyou was founded by PT. Digital Service Solutions is a digital service orchestration company. With a mission to combine many services into one application and to have the vision to make it easier for people to order digital services so that people do not need many applications on their smartphones. The first year, Wehelpyou released the orchestra no. 1 is a freight forwarding service to all islands of Indonesia, which is called Wehelpyou. In the future, Wehelpyou will offer many services that can certainly help the community.


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