Raj-based truck trailer maker “Core B” rebranded as “VST CoreB”

Jaipur. The country’s leading truck trailer manufacturer, VST Motor India Company (VST United Group’s Venture) has been rebranded as “VST CoreB”. He was previously known as “CoreB”.

The rebranding was announced at a ceremony held at the company’s factory in Kotputli. Company Founder Sitaram Yadav, Managing Director Vikas Yadav, Director Vijay Yadav, other promoters, managers, employees and customers attended the ceremony.

The company has gained popularity in the truck trailer manufacturing industry under the brand name “CoreB” in recent years. The company’s general manager, Vikas Yadav, said the company is committed to establishing the “VST CoreB” brand in the transportation industry with better quality products and services.

He said the company is on its way to becoming a leader in the truck trailer market with commitment and a range of quality product lines.

“As a truck trailer manufacturer brand that never compromises on quality, we stand behind our commitment to establishing VST CoreB,” added Yadav.

The company manufactures truck trailers, tippers, vehicle transport containers, oil, milk and gas containers, etc. in two factories located in Kotputli in Rajasthan.

“At VST CoreB, we source products from major OEMs in the country, while meeting customer demand. Custom trailers and bulk carriers are also manufactured as required. The automation in the company and the unique welding by machines imported from abroad make the truck trailer the best quality,” Yadav said.

According to the general manager, VST CoreB “has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 300 trailers.

The company employs approximately 450 qualified employees. Talking about the company’s marketing network, he said the company receives orders for manufacturing truck trailers from all over the country.

Orders are received through marketing offices in major cities or through direct contact with the company’s main marketing team.

“The truck trailer manufacturing industry is becoming an organized sector. We now have better roads. For this reason, I believe there is huge business potential in the truck trailer manufacturing industry,” Yadav said.

First published: March 1, 2022

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