Shanghai express delivery sector speeds up work resumption

The streets of Shanghai are almost deserted on April 19, 2022, with the megalopolis remaining under strict epidemic control management except for the partial resumption of production in some industries. Photo: CGV

Shanghai’s delivery sector has accelerated the return to work with more outlets restarting services and more couriers returning to work as the industry scrambles to unlock logistical bottlenecks caused by the outbreak local COVID-19.

Shanghai’s major express companies have reopened their sorting centers to ensure the delivery of epidemic prevention materials, emergency medicine and basic materials to the people, the Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration said on Sunday. Shanghai on its official WeChat account.

A total of 21 express companies have been added to a whitelist of crucial companies allowed to resume work and production, up from seven at the end of last month.

As the dynamic zero-COVID approach progresses, more distribution centers and outlets will be opened in line with epidemic prevention measures, and a full resumption of delivery activity will be achieved when social and economic order will be gradually restored, according to the Shanghai Municipal Postal Administration.

ZTO Express said more than 1,000 frontline workers in Shanghai have returned to work and more than 200 transport vehicles at its Qingpu District transport hub are operating daily.

“As work and production resume, we expect the volume of express deliveries to gradually pick up,” ZTO said in a statement sent to the Global Times on Sunday.

All couriers are urged to adopt strict epidemic prevention measures, including performing two antigen tests on the first day and one nucleic acid test and one antigen test the next day, ZTO said, adding that all couriers deliveries are now contactless.

Meanwhile, overseas express courier giants including FedEx are making adjustments to ensure stable services.

FedEx has opened a “green channel” for many of its customers in East China, making every effort to reduce the impact of the outbreak on their import and export business and ensure the smooth flow of goods. goods to their production lines, the company said in a statement. statement sent to the Global Times on Sunday.

Although packages can be delivered to Shanghai residents, the volume is still low compared to the usual number of packages, an industry source told the Global Times on Sunday.

“At the current stage, the priority is to meet the demand for the delivery of necessary supplies and emergency medicines, while the delivery of online shopping orders is still limited,” the person said.

Although only a small number of outlets have resumed work, the scale of the resumption of work and production continues to expand.

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