Sierra Space and the DOD will develop high mach systems for terrestrial point-to-point delivery

Sierra Space, a leading commercial space company at the forefront of creating and building the future of space transportation and infrastructure for commercialization in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), announced the signing of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Department of Defense Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). The two organizations will work together to develop solutions utilizing Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser spaceplanes, Shooting Star cargo modules, and in-orbit infrastructure that provide unique capabilities for accurate, cost-effective, and rapid global delivery of logistics and cargo. Ministry of Defense staff.

The two parties will collaboratively explore space transportation as a new mode of point-to-point global ground delivery of materials and personnel, as an alternative and complement to traditional air, ground and surface modes for global supply chains. of the Ministry of Defence. In addition, the agreement outlines plans to identify the current capabilities and maturity of Sierra Space’s space transportation methods, as well as observed and projected risks, benefits, and additional research and development required as a result.

“Today’s agreement with the United States Transportation Command gives Sierra Space the unique opportunity to provide hypersonic point-to-point solutions to our government customers,” said Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice. “Through Dream Chaser, the world’s first commercial spaceplane, Shooting Star cargo module and other projects, we are focused on providing unique ultra-fast and heavy payload solutions to the Department of Defense for logistical and personnel movement needs. We plan to leverage these technologies to reach anywhere on the globe in three hours.

The urgent pace of contested and changing environments and instantaneous sophisticated cyber threats are increasingly complicating the traditional distance-related challenges of on-time global logistics delivery. Given this environment, this Sierra Space and USTRANSCOM agreement will develop concepts and study emerging industry capabilities for force projection for immediate employment, and agile transportation options to project and sustain combat forces in complex and contested environments in addition to non-combat activities such as humanitarian relief operations and medical missions.

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