St. Mary’s Parish Police intercept alcohol delivery during weekend ‘Sweet 16’ party

ST. MARY PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Baldwin police say they found an irrelevant bag at a ‘Sweet 16’ party over the weekend, which later turned out to be filled with unopened liquor bottles.

Police Sergeant Baldwin. Clarence Clark said the bag was found outside the venue near the door.

Clark shared a photo with KLFY of the types of unopened alcohol that were found in the bag.

He said police were able to intercept the bag after noticing some people were starting to act suspiciously and some were trying to leave the party and head in a certain direction.

“If you try to hide alcohol from the police so that minors can get it, next time we will catch you.” said Clark.

He said police found no evidence that the honoree’s parents knew it would happen.

“For the person of Baldwin, you spent a lot on this. This could have gone on high gas prices.

Police Chief Harry Smith Jr. applauded the work done by his officers to prevent illegal activity from occurring at the party.

“A lot of these kids drove to that party and who knows what might have happened after they left. With the amount of alcohol found in that bag, preventing these teenagers from browning their soft drinks probably saved a life.

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