Startup MGZN – Asyad Global Logistics Challenge inspires innovation in the logistics sector

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Consolidating its role as an innovator in the logistics industry, Asyad Group, the global provider of integrated logistics solutions based in Oman, announced its lineup of exciting events at Expo 2020 Dubai. Together with Hypermotion Dubai, the Asyad Global Logistics Challenge includes two fast-paced competitions that seek to harness the talent of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to solve some of the challenges facing the global logistics industry.

Past from 2sd to 4e In November, the Asyad Global Logistics Hackathon will ask promising data scientists from around the world to develop data-centric solutions and ideas, leveraging Asyad’s data wealth and harnessing emerging technologies to advance the transport and logistics sectors.

Evaluated and evaluated by a jury made up of experts in data and logistics technologies from the public and private sectors, the competition aims to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of today and the aspirations of tomorrow and to take advantage of the opportunities that arise. both in Omani and global markets.

Running concurrently, the Asyad Logistics Startup Challenge provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a platform to compete for a prize of USD 50,000. Featuring attendees across six key growth pillars for mobility and transport logistics, namely artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics, logistics, smart mobility and drones, it will include a pitch, where the teams will present their solutions to an audience of regional and international investors. The program also offers networking events with industry leaders and a dedicated mentoring clinic to support startups as they grow.

“Innovation is essential for the advancement and competitiveness of the logistics industry. The Asyad Global Logistics Challenge will not only bring existing problems to the fore, but also present viable solutions and allow us to engage with forward-thinking talents who will shape our future ”, said Abdulrahman Al Hatmi, CEO of Asyad Group. .

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“Our goal is to harness the wealth of data across our operations to improve operational efficiency, design new solutions and predict future market trends. We are delighted to see our participants pushing the limits of their abilities, while providing them with a unique opportunity to present their ideas on the world stage.

Intended to attract high-level participation from international, regional and local government entities and private organizations, the Asyad Global Logistics Challenge is charting an innovative and sustainable future for the global logistics ecosystem. For more information, go here or follow them on Twitter.

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