The 6 Best Cheap Meal Delivery Services of 2022 for Healthy Meals

Pot pie is probably the last thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the keto diet, but 518 Kitchen has managed to turn the American classic into a low-carb meal that costs less than $8 per serving – and that’s not the only recipe they’ve upgraded.

The delivery service offers a robust selection of pre-prepared, single-serving entrees with varying levels of net carbs. You can choose from keto, keto-friendly, or low-carb meal plans, which offer between 5% and 25% of calories from carbs.

Finding the right 518 kitchen plan depends on your personal needs; you can opt for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks or reduce fat by selecting only protein and side options. The regular meal delivery, cleverly called the Week-o-Keto Bundle, can be customized to deliver every one, two, three, or four weeks, but you can’t change the quantity of meals: you’ll get 28 in total, including including pastries and desserts. However, you can opt for a smaller 14-meal plan with a side dish or even smaller sample boxes.

Sample meal:

Keto Chicken Pot Pie

-Cauliflower with vodka

Durability & Quality: Although 518 Kitchen does not use organic ingredients, all beef is grass-fed, pork is pasture-raised, seafood is wild-caught (or responsibly sourced), chicken is free from antibiotic and the eggs are cage free. The plastic trays, cardboard, and cooler liner that comes with your boxes are all recyclable, but the plastic lid used for ready meals should go in the trash.

Promotion of registration: Get $100 off your first five boxes ($20 off each box) with code SAVE10

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