The DoorDash liquor delivery change you need to know about

DoorDash’s rule change regarding alcohol delivery is due to the risk of making it easier for underage drinking. “With today’s announcement of two-step or two-step identity verification, we are setting a new industry standard for responsible alcohol delivery,” said Erik Ragotte, CEO of the alcohol at DoorDash (by DoorDash). The company hopes this decision, along with other safeguards, will help prevent alcohol from ending up in the hands of minors. DoorDash also offers its employees alcohol delivery guidelines to make the process smooth and stress-free. If someone is visibly intoxicated when receiving an alcohol delivery, the Dasher is instructed to either throw the alcohol away or return it to the store, per Tech Crunch.

The company launched nationwide liquor delivery in 2021, though it ran a pilot program in 2016 in California, according to The edge. DoorDash estimates that since the introduction of liquor delivery, customers’ average grocery and restaurant delivery orders have increased by 30%, per DoorDash. It also helps Dashers. Their tips also increased by 30% with deliveries that included alcohol. Obviously, it pays to have a safe delivery policy.

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