The new Evetta Cargo is here to add retro style to deliveries

The new Isetta-inspired Evetta microcar will be offered in a cargo version – which the company says will be perfect for use as both a last-mile delivery vehicle or a food truck.

The new Evetta Cargo was unveiled at the IAA Transportation show in Germany and is due to go into limited production next year, priced around £17,350. Developed by German firm ElectricBrands, it effectively takes the standard front of the passenger version that was shown earlier, including the signature entry door, but adds light cargo and a versatile cargo box in the rear.

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This cargo area has a total capacity of 1950 liters and measures 1500x1300x1000mm. It can carry a payload of up to 600 kg. Notably, the multipurpose space can be used for different purposes: it was shown at the IAA show with a heated pizza box, but the company says it can also be used for espresso cars or urban delivery businesses.

The addition of the cargo box means the machine has grown slightly: at 3500mm long it is around 1000mm longer than the standard passenger car, but retains a short 2000mm wheelbase and 1500mm width. mm. These small dimensions give it a turning radius of about nine meters.

As with the passenger version, the Evette Cargo has a top speed of 56mph, although the extra mass – it weighs around 800kg – means the range offered by the 14kWh battery is 93 miles, instead 124 miles for the regular car. It can be recharged in about three to five hours via a 230V household socket.

The machine will also be designed to work with a smartphone app that can open the cargo hold, and will feature a USB-C charging port and a range of riding modes. It will also be offered with infotainment, a wireless smartphone charging station, air conditioning and a “creative” engine sound.

Initially, ElectricBrands says it will build 5,000 Evetta units next year, but expects that figure to increase to around 30,000 to 40,000 per year from 2024. In addition to passenger and cargo versions, the company has already unveiled an Evetta Opener convertible.


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