This line from “Back to the Future” based on Marty McFly’s truck looks legitimate

When we think of Robert Zemeckis Back to the future, the only car that appears, much like a punchline, is the DeLorean DMC-12. But in the sequel to the first film, there was the coolest and the most earthy Toyota truck, Marty McFly’s dream pickup.

And someone made a replica of Marty McFly’s truck and sold it on eBay, and we have to admit that takes us back to the future.

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The 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtracab Pickup

1985 Toyota Pickup XTRACAB RN66 SR5

Marty McFly wasn’t all wrong when it came to the coolest pickup of its time. The 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtracab pickup is beloved by Toyota enthusiasts for being one of the toughest, longest lasting and most reliable trucks of all time. It was also the only year it carried a solid front axle, as well as the legendary 22R four-cylinder fuel-injected mill. It has off-road prowess that no one can fault it and its durability is set in stone.

Of course, not all Toyota SR5 Xtracabs looked the same as Marty McFly’s dream truck. But here’s one that’s now made into a replica of the pickup truck from Back to the future II. And it’s a real Xtracab from the 1985 Toyota SR5 below.

The seller listed this truck as “a restored vehicle with updates to the exterior and interior.” The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle runs very well and is mainly used for auto shows.

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Sold for nearly $ 70,000

A replica of Marty McFly's truck in 'Back to the Future': the 1985 Toyota XTRACAB SR5 pickup
Via: eBay

After 140 auctions, this vehicle sold for $ 69,700. And to sweeten the deal on Christmas Eve, the seller also included five cool gifts for the buyer, which included a hoverboard, a framed poster, a pair of shoes, a Gray’s Sports Almanac, and like the coolest thing. , a 1 / 10th scale truck remote control model. So the buyer can drive his Marty McFly truck and play with him too.

To make Buyer’s Christmas truly merry, the listing stated that they were the only official Fox Team for Parkinson’s Research Partner to sell this truck. Thus, part of the proceeds goes to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

If that wasn’t enough, the seller also said he would try to deliver the truck to the lucky bidder on Christmas Day itself for a small fee, if the bidder didn’t have transportation ready.

Santa Claus certainly came early for someone!

Source: eBay

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