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Prescriptions for painkillers and household items, among other products, must be able to be transported from one part of the country, or even the world, to another.

For example, in today’s immeasurable markets, such as mail-order drugs, there is a huge reliance on timely delivery. For this reason, the best medical dispatch services had to get even better.

This blog post explores today’s top parcel delivery methods and how they compare.

How to deliver pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

Shipping medicines and medical supplies is not as easy as sending a postcard. Here are some of the delivery methods used:

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Hand carry
  • Postal services

1. Air freight

Air freight is the fastest method of package delivery, getting products to their destination in minutes rather than days. The process works by loading cargo into the hold of an aircraft and flying it to its destination, where it is unloaded by the ground crew.

Although this service is mainly intended for large companies, some companies offer it to ordinary people at a premium rate.

When it comes to life science logistics, air freight is the go-to service for companies looking to save time and money getting products where they need to be.

Although it is suitable for all kinds of deliveries, large and small, it comes at a price that most businesses and individuals cannot afford.

Advantages of Air Freight

  • Speed – With deliveries made in just a few hours, air freight is the fastest delivery service available.
  • Flexibility – This service allows more products to be transported at once, saving time and money compared to shipping individual packages separately.
  • Superior security – It is difficult for thieves to steal cargo in transit, whether at the airport or on the plane itself.


  • Cargo Capacity – The amount of product that can be transported by air is minimal, which means businesses with many packages to send may have to wait longer than expected.

2. Sea freight

Although slower than air freight, sea freight is cheaper and often used as the shipping method of choice for those looking to deliver large quantities of products over long distances.

The process works by moving cargo onto boats and sending it across seas and oceans until it finally reaches its intended location.

Sea freight is ideal for bulk deliveries of products over long distances. However, it often takes longer to get to where it needs to go due to boat schedules and other logistical factors.

Advantages of ocean freight

  • Price – Compared to air, sea freight is significantly cheaper. This means you can send larger amounts at once without worrying about additional charges.
  • Door-to-door – By using a company that offers complete logistics solutions, your shipment will be handled from start to finish by people who are experts in their field.


  • Speed – Although not as slow as land freight, sea freight is still not as fast as air freight. This means that your shipment may take a few more days to get from A to B.

3. Road freight

Road freight is one of the most popular methods of delivering medical packages. Many companies opt for this service for fast deliveries of small parcels.

As with other delivery methods, road freight consists of transporting goods by truck to their destination before being dropped off or passed on to another company for final delivery.

Road freight is generally used as an intermediate service between air freight and sea freight, delivering medium-sized shipments to their dedicated trucks, which can speed up a delivery time.

Benefits of Road Freight

  • Speed – The truck assigned to your expedition will often be on the road for weeks, meaning it can cover hundreds and thousands of miles in just a few days.
  • Price – Although not as cheap as sea freight, road freight is cheaper than air freight when it comes to small shipments.


  • Loading capacity – If you need to send a large number of products, they are unlikely to fit in the assigned truck. This means that you may need multiple trucks, which will significantly increase the total cost of delivery.

You have three choices to choose from for your parcel delivery needs. Which one you choose is entirely up to you – just remember that the speed of delivery will be directly proportional to its cost.

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