Toyota Hino truck arm ordered to recall 20,900 units for data fraud

Hino Motors Ltd. Chairman Satoshi Ogiso speaks during a press conference in Tokyo on August 2, 2022. (Kyodo)

The Department of Transportation on Tuesday ordered Hino Motors Ltd., the truck manufacturing subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corp., to recall about 20,900 trucks and buses for falsifying engine data dating back to 2003.

A special investigative committee of outside experts said in a report submitted to the ministry the same day that the company lied when asked by the ministry if there had been faults in its emissions and fuel tests. 2016 energy efficiency for engine certification.

The truckmaker released its own report in March saying it had submitted fraudulent emissions and fuel consumption data to transport authorities since at least 2016, suspending shipment of vehicles with engines for which the figures had been modified.

According to the third-party report commissioned by the company, the falsification of data included durability tests for engines carried out under the 2003 emissions regulations and engine fuel efficiency measures after the introduction of emissions regulations 2005.

After Hino Motors submitted the report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Chairman Satoshi Ogiso apologized at a press conference, saying, “We are truly sorry for causing trouble. problems to many customers”.

The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the Environment ordered Hino Motors to find out what really happened and give an explanation to customers and the public , as well as to propose preventive measures.

The departments also said there were more cases of data fraud involving truck, bus and construction machinery engines than reported in March, citing the latest report submitted by Hino.

Of the 14 engine models currently in production, tampering occurred during 12 durability tests, including four that failed to meet standards, according to the ministries.

During certification reviews, the truck maker replaced the vehicles’ exhaust emission control system with new ones and changed fuel efficiency test parameters to generate better-than-actual readings, according to the probe .

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